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My name’s Carter.

I’m here with Kim Wilmink who’s the program coordinator for the Tourism and Travel department here at Fanshawe.

Thank you for coming.

Thanks for having me.

What do you look for in your ideal student? Not in terms of pre-requisites but what sort of attitude do you want them to have coming into the program? So, we always look for a very customer orclient focused attitude.

So, wanting to go above and beyond for that client so that they can provide them with the best experience possible.

And we also look for a love of travel.

So even though you might not have a job that you’re the one doing the travelling, wewant you to have a passion for that so that they can then recommend to their customers where they might want to travel to.

This is YOUR Story on Fanshawe’s 106.

9 The X.

I have a guest who’s been very kind to joinme.

I have Hailey Whitelaw here who works at Robert Q Travel and also teaches part time at Fanshawe.

Thanks for having me.

Thank you for coming.

So to start off, what do you think that Fanshawe offers, like an exclusive advantage, Fanshawe offers that other schools don’t? Well when I was, you know, shopping different programs from different colleges when I was looking at taking tourism I was really attracted to the fun aspects of the program here.

So, they have Dining for Professional Success, which is a dining course from all different countries of the world.

They’ve got Winesof the World, and they’ve also got an international field study, which is a cruise, that the class can partake in.

So, there’s a lot of really fun things as part of the program.

I had no idea that this was an option.


This is YOUR Story on Fanshawe’s 106.

9 The X.

Carter Hemington here.

I’m here with Janice Powell, a first year student in the Tourism and Travel program.

Thanks for coming in.

What surprised you about the program when you got here? Just learning the different pathways for careers when I’m done.

A lot of them I realized, just throughout the course, there’s a lotmore options than I thought were available.

If you had to have, choose one dream job that sort of stems from this program, what would the one thing you want to do every day be? Travel the world and get paid.

Travel the world and get paid.

That’s nota bad goal.

That’s not a bad goal at all.

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