Hey guys! Its your boy Awk right here YO! So how you guys doing? I hope you all are doing good and I hope you all are having amazing day today I just got over 2K views on one of my videos and I really appreciate your support I really appreciate every single one of you I really love you guys and thank you so much Indonesia for all that support I just cant believe I got over 2K views man I just cant believe And I also got 50 thumbs ups man I just cant believe I've never thought that I'll get that amount in really short time but Thats all you guys You guys made it possible and I'm really thankful to you guys Thank you all so much so today I'm back with another reaction video and one of you commented and told me to react to Wonderful Indonesia – North Sumatra I don't know I'm really sorry if I'm saying it wrong but I'm going to react to that video today someone's at the door wait a minute Alright so lets get right in to the reaction lets see what this video is about I hope it will make my day I know it will make my day man Indonesia you're amazing YOU'RE AMAAAAZINGG I love you I love youu I told you It'll be awesome I told you Woah thats amazing Sumatra OK Sumatra really wonderful! man it was awesome it was what I expected it was awesome I love Indonesia once again I wanna thank you guys for all the support you've gave me I appreciate you guys and I hope this video won't get copyright claimed a couple of days ago I did a video on Komodo Komodo Dragons deadly deadly Nah Komodo Dragons Attack – Deadly 60 and that video got blocked worldwide I'm sorry about that but I hope this video will not get blocked or copyright claimed So yeah! I hope you all enjoyed this video if you did leave a like comment down below and you can also suggest me any other video you want me to react to I'm down for it bruh I got you and yeah share this video with your friends tell them to subscribe it'll really help me out I know you guys will do that so thank you all so much and I'll see you guys tomorrow with another video for now take care and Peace out :).

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