We’re Going to Bali in 30 Days! You Coming?

Hey everyone, it's David at Bali & Beyond,you know that don't you! So look, it's February 15th, in one month,most of the people that are going on our trip will be leaving Calgary, so we've got onemonth left, there's still some spots open, come with us to Bali! It's gonna be great, there's gonna be a linkhere, click on it to see the itinerary, give us your phone number and we'll call you back,come with us to Bali! There's a few spots left, I know there's tonsand tons and tons of you that wanna come, this is the time to come.

We're gonna do the Bali Spirit Festival, we'regonna go climb a mountain in the morning and catch a sunrise, we're gonna go to the beach,we're gonna go shopping with me, I got tons and tons of stuff lined up, click the link,share this too because some of your friends may want to go and don't know that we're going,this is a perfect time to come to Bali, the weather will be awesome, it's gonna be pictureperfect, we got a few spots left, let's jump in, four weeks from now we're going to Balitogether and I want you there.

Sending lots of love, and come and check outthe store you guys, we got a great store, come a visit, if you have any questions justclick the link or call us and we'll get back to you, we'll answer the questions, sendinglots of love, cheers, bye.

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