Victoria’s Regional Tourism Infrastructure Fund in Daylesford and Macedon Ranges

Around one in six people in regional Victoria in work, work in visitor economy, and that’s important for lots of reasons.

It’s part of the cultural and social fabric of our community.

It’s also incredibly important for jobs and for the strength of small and medium businesses right throughout our regions.

There are three projects that will be particularly important here for the Daylesford and Macedon Ranges region.

$90,000 towards the development of a Mineral Springs Feasibility Master Plan, which will capitalise on the Hepburn region’s position as Australia’s leading spa and wellness destination.

$55,000 towards a feasibility study that will look at creating opera events on Lake Daylesford.

And $50,000 to develop a feasibility studyto identify the potential of creating a new health and wellbeing wellness retreat in this region.

We need to look at new ways of growing and developing our product here in the region, and these are three really exciting opportunities for us to grow and develop that product, which then converts into important opportunities.

State Government support of these projects is really important.

It adds credibility to the projects and is driving more visitation to the regions.

In our language they are game-changer projects.

They are projects that are so significant and have such huge potential to really capture people’s imaginations, and to really entice them to come and visit the region.

Regional tourism is boosted significantly by the support of State Government, there’s no doubt about it.

We have three partners in growing and developing tourism in this part of the world, State Government, Local Government and our industry.

All three are fundamentally important.

But I guess it’s the Government fundingthat is the catalyst for getting these things started.

Source: Youtube