UVI Hospitality & Tourism Management Program

In our program we teach our studentsabout all of the industries that are in the hospitality and tourism industry – from the cruise line industries to resorts to travel and tourism.

>> I came in to UVI the first day of my freshman year and my professor, Ms.

Lang, Professor Lang, she gave a speech about how important, you know, customer service is not only to us, St.

Thomas, Virgin Islands but everywhere we go – the world, US, all these different countries and I began to think how important it was to me, not evenrealizing it until she mentioned it.

>> We also teach em how to be independent operators whether they wanted to be a tour operator; they want to be event planners.

We give them an opportunity to really understand the gamut of what takes placein the hospitality and leisure industry.

>> My name is Samantha Deserve.

I attend the University of Virgin Islands in beautiful St.


I attend thehospitality and tourism degree program.

It's a four-year degree program.

I'vebeen in it.

This is my fourth year.

It's just amazing being a part ofsomething so wonderful.

>> Tourism and hospitality is a number one growing industry in the world and we're expanding.

In the Caribbean, of course, it'sour life bread for most of our Caribbean islands.

One of the things that we have at the University of the Virgin Islands Islands is a populous of students fromall throughout the Eastern Caribbean that have either completed a two-year program at a University they were at and wanted to finish a four-year degree understandingthat the more equipped they are to go back and service their own communitiesit's much better for the entire Caribbean.

>> The employment opportunities in this program have been amazing.

I’m currently in my second internship where I also graduated and became a full-time employee here at the Marriott Frenchman’s Cove on St.

Thomas, which is amazing.

Marriott is one of the leadinghospitality driven organizations in the world.

It is actually amazing to have that program at UVI Why? Because hospitality is actually what driveseverything here in the virgin islands and to have trained professionals right here groomed in our backyard just makes iteasier to get qualified talent.

When people come to Frenchman's Cove – because we are Marriott's Frenchman's Cove – they expect the best.

They expect top quality and not only in the product but in the people.

So what Tamara and the UVI crew are doing is providing us with the talent that we need to service the people that come here with their high expectations.

Source: Youtube