Travel Professor – Bali Overview

I'm here in Bali, Indonesia.

The island of Bali – it's an island and a province in southeast Indonesia.

It's about 3.

2 kilometres east of Java.

The population in Bali is about 4.

2 million as of January 2014.


5% report to be Hindus based on the 2010 Census so different from the rest of Indonesia.

This can be seen from the architecture and some of the attractions around here.


8 million visitors came, international visitors came in 2012 and another 5 million domestic tourists.

Australians are the number one source market and followed by the Chinese who recently overtook the Japanese but Bali has been noted for some of the negative impacts of tourism.

Especially tourism taking up resources from other sectors so there is a competition between the agriculture and tourism.

There's been reports of the resorts and hotels taking away water from the locals.

One source says that there's 200 out of 400 rivers have dried up as a result of the increase in tourism and extracting the water for tourism purposes.

I'm in Seminyak, you can see the competition between for land.

There's villas, there's resorts right next to paddies, rice paddies both competing for water, both competing for land.

You gotta wonder how long those rice paddies will stay and then what are the livelihood for those farmers? Can they easily transition to the tourism sector? Tourism is the largest industry in Bali.

The large growth started in the 1980s.

The first hotel, I think, was started in about 1963.

So tourism is the largest industry but agriculture is the largest employer.

Mostly we see rice cultivation and also coffee production so a particularly interesting thing about their the coffee here this luwak coffee.

Luwak is a small sort of ferret or mongoose type animal.

It ingests the coffee bean hole takes it out through it's (beep) and then we make coffee out it.

So the tourism is mostly concentrated in the south of Bali.

Another interesting fact about Bali is that David Bowie, who died recently in January 2016, wants his ashes spread or scattered in Bali.

Another interesting fact is the movie or the book and then subsequent movie, Eat Pray, Love with filmed in Bali, particularly around around Ubud and Padang Padang beach.

This can drive film tourists to come to Bali.

Source: Youtube