Things To Do In Bali, Indonesia ❤️

Hey everyone thanks for watching AMaeTV, this is the Bali video I've been here in Asia, mostly Indonesia traveling for work.

I'm already love this place the weather is perfect the beaches are beautiful there's so much cool likeshopping and little markets and stuff like that like that and that's secretly my favorite thing when I travel internationally so I'm gonna run around this town and check out as much as I can in the next 24 hours So enjoy the video, make sure you subscribe to the youtube channel, AMaeTV check out the other video that I knowI already shot here in Indonesia, in Jakarta but I think this video in gonna be way more fun, so.

Is that Bali? This is the beginning of Bali.

Well hello Alicia.

Hey there! So what do you have in your hand? I've got 1 million, 5 hundred thousand and 20 thousand dollars to spend here in Bali Uh oh, you're dropping your money, look at that Oh no! I dropped 20 thousand dollars like it's nothing So, after checking into the Sheraton and being greeted by these beautiful Balinese dancers we drove up the coast and out into the natural farming areas, which is exactly where I wanted to be I truly never knew rice paddies could beso breathtaking I even felt like I learned a little bit about rice farming systems it's like what they do here I'm not sure what these guys are doing,but they seem fun So we drove out here to the other side of Bali to check out Tanah Lot which is the outskirts surrounding a Hindu temple So Tanah Lot is truly a magical place and just leading up to the shoreline there's lots to see and experience The Tanah Lot temple itself is built on a rock formation out at sea and is one of seven sea temples around the Balinese coast They say it was built in the 16th century for the Hindu to worship the Balinese Sea Gods and that it's guarded from evil spirits bypoisonous sea snakes The waves here are intense! Ok so give me a demo here.

Here you hold it Haha he was like eating a little snack in the tree I'm gonna hold an anaconda Hi! This is Elby He's my snake He's awesome Now fortunately for us we had a local tour guide to show us all the local hot spots So we were able to locate and visit this classic fresh seafood style restaurant Oh and we're gonna have some fresh seafood So you basically just pick out whateverlive or fresh caught seafood you want and the grill it up for you I think it's gonna be good Salute Bintang! The beer of the region.


Bintang! Whenever I'm in Indonesia, you know I'm having a Bintang, oh yeah baby! And as our fresh cut lobster isbeing grilled here at the Menga Cafe we take a moment of gratitude for an amazing day in beautiful Bali Now let's go shopping That's ok, she's a shy little thing.

Aww Hello Alicia, how are you? You guys are so sweet! Alicia beautiful like model.

Nice body, I like your body.

Thank you I like your body.

thank you! Well I can't wait to wear my beautiful dress I'm buying from you! Thank you! Hey little boy, hi Yes can I get one more, let's see.

umm Yeah ok, that was a littlebit crazy they literally dragged me into this shop like I was trying.

I don't even know what just happened and then they just started doing my nails with these little flowers, and my nails are already banged up, I was like, I'm not.

um, no Umm now we're talking The beach! It's not bad Scooter heaven Scooter hell.

I got this tank top And I got this purse and bunch of other stuff.

I've been shopping in Bali all morning Now I just wanna dive in that ocean And finally, the moment we've all beenwaiting for.

the beach Look at people just chillin'.

Oh man Hello.

hey what's happening guys! How are ya? Welcome to Bali welcome to Bali.

Thank you! Where are you from? America.

Oh USA? California Hey Obama yeah? Nice to meet you.

You too.

Do you live here in Bali? Yes.

Do you like it? I was born in Bali.

Yeah, 100% Balinesen Right? Nice! It's the best Do you guys just like hang out on the beach all day? We've just been surfing all day Just surfin' all day.

Nice, that's what I'd be doing.

What part of California? San Diego Yeah.

a lot of surfers there too but thewater is not as warm Obama rules the world! Obama sends rockets to Russia? I'll send Obama here to surf with you guys, that's what he needs.

You guys are so fun! This is the coolest.

I mean, California is cool and all but.

people here are chilling'! Come on guys.

catch some waves for AMaeTV This beach is awesome All right that's it for Bali, thank you for watching Make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel and check out all the other videos Follow on Instagram @AMaeTV, Twitter @AliciaMaeWebb Love you guys, bye! Yeah, I'll have the avocado cappuccino.

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