Hey, I'm Matthew Santana and we are back in Lyon.

We try the miniature and cinema find museum.

Come Mayara.

She wants to get into the video.

Yes, I want the video When you come to a city you do not know,.

what can you do? The important thing is to search Google for example, what can you do in Lyon.

I would look for free things to do in Lyon, because I do not have much money to spend here Once you've done that, it's also nice to see those locations on Instagram.

You can then see the best pictures of the place,.

therefore you know the city better, and you know what you do not want to miss.

For Google you will find general information and in particular on Instagram you see really how it looks.

I do not know if it's because I like to see the pictures.

Anyway, I think it's good for everybody.

You can see that we are back at the Fourviere cathedral.

We are in Vieux Lyon, I do not know exactly how to say it, but there we are.

Mayara and her friend to ask where to go, because we are a bit lost.

It is no problem to be lost, if you go to a city you've never been before, it will happen.

But just try it and ask people where to go.

otherwise you'll never find it, so it's better to ask.

In this case, we're lost.

Yes, but we are people to ask.

That's what you should do.

We're finally where we should be, the miniature museum.

It is also a very nice place, so let's see.

We are finally in and what we see here.

the 'original' counterfeit suit of Spiderman.

Why do they have that the original fake suit? Does not make any sense.

Original, counterfeit So cool, I always wanted to see the fake.

We went down and there was a surprise: perfume.

Literally, it was the film set of perfume, with the characters, clothes and even the room smelled like perfume.

It was very nice.

The museum itself was quite nice.

Very different than what I'm used to seeing.

Even if you do not like movies, it's nice to go.

Then we saw Mystic clothing X-Men, Fantastic Four, Hunger Games.

There were lots of real clothing of the characters.

Even Harry Potter, The Grinch (which I love and which I am), V for Vendetta and Chicken Run, which was my favorite kids.

There are also other thumbnails.

We are now at Musée des Beaux Arts of Lyon.

They also have this beautiful garden, so let's look again.

I know I'm just showing things, but that's more important than me, right? Behind the scenes at her photo She is very famous here in France.

Look what I found here, Egyptian slippers.

Have they no Havaianas? They would have.

Now we are in my favorite part, a chronological sequence of paintings.

I think it's a story of a lesbian couple whose family did not accept it.

I'm not sure, but it was quite nice and it hit me though.

There is much to see here, for example the paintings that you see now.

But it is very personal, some things you touch.

I see how the paintings are hung and I imagine that my mother hung up everything so.

I'm one of them hovering in the middle and two underneath.

It may have been someone who specializes in it, but I'm too stupid to understand it.

This is the end of the video, I hope that you love museums and especially this museum.

It is the second largest in France, so after the Louvre.

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