The MOST Dangerous Tourist Destinations!

Traveling is fun, until it’s not! Here are the most dangerous places in no particularorder! 13.

Kingston, Jamaica Jamaica is a really nice country.

Its beaches, friendly people, and overalllaid back vibe make it an obvious choice for those trying to plan a vacation or honeymoon.

But just like anywhere else, it can be dangerousif you aren’t careful.

Given the high rate of poverty in the country,petty theft is fairly common, as people will snatch stuff like jewelry as a means of survival.

However violent crime can also be a problemin Kingston as gang and drug activity have led to violence, including against tourists.

In extreme cases, drug dealers have triedto use unsuspecting tourists as drug mules as a creative way to smuggle drugs out ofthe country.

Jamaica also has a staggering high rate ofcrime against homosexuals.

Human rights groups have stated that peopleoften target gay men for assault, and that the government does very little to investigateor stop these crimes.


Lima, Peru With some marvelous architecture, gorgeousbeaches and beautiful hiking, Lima offers the best of both worlds.

Whether it’s a centuries old cathedral ora UNESCO World Heritage sites such as The Historic Centre and the nearby Nazca lines,the appeal of Peru’s capital city is pretty obvious.

What’s not as obvious to those not familiarwith the city is how dangerous it can be.

For starters, Lima has a serious problem withair and water pollution, due to how congested the city is.

Also, because the city is on an active seismiczone, the looming threat of earthquakes keeps geologists on edge.

Secondly, the level of crime in Lima is consideredto be very high.

Numbea, which uses several metrics to measurecrime in cities around the world, rates Lima at 82.


This puts it on the higher end of the spectrum.

Whichgoes from 0 to 100.

As is often the case, tourists who are notcareful could fall prey to crimes of opportunity.

So while there is so much to appreciate aboutLima from a cultural, historic, and natural standpoint, just be extra careful if you gothere.

Travel websites recommend not staying outlong after dark and only using licensed taxis and legit public transit to get around.


Cairo, Egypt There aren’t many places in the world thatcan boast as much history as Cairo, and more broadly speaking, Egypt as a whole.

In Cairo you have the City of Dead, the nearbyPyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum, which has compiled 5,000 years worth of Egyptianhistory and so much more.

However, Cairo, and the country as a wholehas seen far fewer tourists coming there in recent years.

This is partially because of the politicaland social chaos that has engulfed Egypt.

While a strong military and police presencemight keep things from getting totally out of hand, tourists have reported that the merepresence of military forces implies the potential for danger.

Furthermore, Reports of sexual harassmentnear tourist attractions in and around Cairo have been on the rise in recent years.

Even more disturbing is that Egypt is oftena transit center for women who are trafficked from Europe to Israel for sex.

The same goesfor human trafficking for forced labor.

Plus Egypt has a serious problem with terrorismand tourists have often been the target of such attacks.

So overall, Cairo, like Egypt as a whole,can be quite dangerous if safety precautions are not taken.


Rostov-on-Don, Russia Though it’s a vibrant industrial and bankingcenter, Rostov-on-Don has seen its crime rate skyrocketing in recent years.

Remember that Numbea Scale we spoke about? It rates Rostov-on-don to be at a 6.

82, whichis considered to be high.

Home robberies, carjackings muggings and violentcrimes are among the many crimes plaguing this city.

There a couple reasons for the spike.

Mainly, Ever since the conflict with Ukraineescalated, the sale of illegal firearms has fueled the high crime rate.

Situated near the Donbass region near Ukraine,many people in the region have found themselves caught up in what is basically a civil war.

The instability and increased poverty thatcomes with this have also been contributing factors to the spike in crime.

In 2015 alone, the crime rate increased byabout 21 percent, making it one of the most dangerous cities in all of Europe, statisticallyspeaking anyway.


Africa African Safaris afford tourists the opportunityto see nature undisturbed.

It’s a beautiful part of the world withmillions of years of natural history at work.

However, there are some inherent dangers thatcome with an African Safari.

Dangerous animals such as lions, hippos, buffalos,snakes, elephants and crocodiles near water pose a threat to people who don’t use cautionand/or common sense.

People have died in the past by trying tointeract with wild animals….

Don’t do this because you probably don’t know what you’redoing.

Beyond the Safari, political instability makesAfrica a precarious place in general.

Places such as Libya, Nigeria, Burundi, Egyptand Zimbabwe, just to name a few, are particularly dangerous.

The brutal terrorist group Boko Haram hasdestabilized much of Nigeria and the surrounding region, leaving at least 15,000 civiliansdead, and millions of Nigerians have fled the country.

So it’s not just dangerous animals and naturalelements on African safaris.

The unstable political environment poses anotherlayer of danger for tourists and natives alike.


Cape Town, South Africa Thanks to its beautiful beaches and mountainsit is a popular trek for anyone visiting South Africa.

Having said that, you should use caution ifyou travel here.

Cape Town is still one of the most violentand dangerous cities in the world.

In 2015, there were more than 2,000 homicidesregistered in the city.

A rather disturbing statistic.

Broadly speaking, South Africa is just a dangerouscountry.

Violent crimes such as murder and rape areserious problems facing Cape Town, and the country as a whole.

Plus you might have to worry about carjackings,kidnappings, assault and even financial fraud.

While the city and the country have workedhard to combat these issues, crime, in particular violent crime, remains a serious blemish ona city that would otherwise be very beautiful.


Bangkok, Thailand As the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok isa top destination for tourist all over the world.

Its nightlife is a legend unto itself, andthe wide array of temples, museums and palaces appeal to a wide range of people.

So it’s no wonder more than 10 million peoplevisit each year.

But the city is also a hotbed for criminalactivity.

In addition to widespread violence, organizedcrime, drug dealing, theft and kidnappings, police corruption makes Bangkok especiallydangerous.

Author John Stapleton examined crime in BangkokIn depth, noting that crimes against tourists are particularly high and often go unreported.

He states that the police and locals oftenhave very little concern for the safety of tourists, which is kind of surprising whenyou consider tourists account for about 10 percent of Thailand’s GDP.

The least they could do is make sure theyaren’t killed or mugged.



Chicago, Illinois As far as rich history in the United Statesgoes, Chicago has as much to offer as anywhere else.

Navy Pier, Wrigley Field, The John HancockBuilding, the Lincoln Park Zoo, oh… don’t forget the Field Museum.

Seriously we couldgo on and on.

But that obscures the point we’re tryingto make.

Which is, Chicago, for all of its benefits,can also be very dangerous.

On average, violent crime in the windy cityis way higher than the national average.

It’s also estimated that there are morethan 100,000 active gang members in Chicago, by far the most of any U.

S city.

When you take into account the long historyof public corruption and police brutality, the city might feel especially broken.


Hawaii’s Volcano Tours Hawaii is a popular vacation spot for so manyreasons.

Among them are the breathtaking volcanoes.

While the dangers associated with visitinga volcano should be fairly obvious, geotourism as it’s called, is still super popular.

Aside from the lava flow itself, which isremarkably dangerous, lava also releases gases into the air.

Dangerous gases, such as carbon monoxide andhydrogen sulfide mixes with seawater to create what is known as lava haze.

On the surface the stuff looks kind of cool.

Likea misty fog.

But make no mistake this stuff is very badto inhale.

According to earth magazine, this phenomenonkilled 40 people from 1992-2002.

But that hasn’t stopped volcano tourismfrom gaining popularity.

2 million people visit Hawaii Volcanoes NationalPark, a place where Mount Kilauea has been erupting since 1983.

Look, we’re not trying to plan your vacationfor you.

Just be careful if you hike up to a volcano.

Okay? 4.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil This Brazilian city has lots to offer tourists.

Beaches with beautiful people, Christ theRedeemer, Tijuca National Park, and don’t forget the 2016 Summer Olympics.

However crime rates are also very high.

In August, the Telegraph reported that crimein the city were so bad, the Summer Olympics were likely to be the most crime ridden olympicsever.

Bloomberg reported that petty crime was increasingleading up to the games.

In fact, CNN would also report that in recentyears, murder and violent crimes have increased significantly in all of Brazil.

While the same problems most cities have existin Rio such as Carjackings, kidnapping, drug trafficking, and gang activity, the countryof brazil as a whole has been in economic turmoil.

The sharp political divide that’s contributedto the economic turmoil has been caused by allegations of widespread corruption.

Add the Zika virus on top of that, and youget a really unstable vacation spot.

As whole, Rio is a neat city with a lot tooffer, but you have to be very careful if you plan on going there.


Boa Viagem Beach, Brazil Staying in Brazil for a bit.

It’s not just crime you have to worry about.

Sharks can also be very dangerous, and thewaters near this beach have been infested with them, yet it remains a top tourist destination.

In particular, the conditions are ideal forBull Sharks, the most aggressive species on the planet.

For example, in 1992 alone, there were 54recorded shark attacks.

24 of them fatal.

Oddly enough, there were never problems withshark attacks before 1990.

But the construction of ort Saupe interruptedbreeding grounds and hunting areas for Bull Sharks, forcing them to move inland, closerto people swimming near the shore.

Other sharks are attracted by trash and lowfrequency sounds from shipping vessels.

While efforts to curtail these attacks haveseen some success, locals always warn tourists to stay out of the water.

It’s way toodangerous.


San Salvador, El Salvador The capital city of El Salvador boasts manytourist attractions.

There are Mayan ruins, hiking, art museums,surfing, soccer and more.

On the flip side, it has one of the highestmurder rates in the whole world.

In 2016, the LA Times reported that it wasofficially the most violent city in the world.

In 2015 for example, there were more than6,000 reported homicides, 17 times more than the global average.

It should come as no surprise that drugs andorganized crime have played a role in this staggering number.

El Salvador has found itself in the middleof a drug war, as Columbia transports its cocaine through El Salvador, to Mexico andthen to American snowblowers.

In other words, while their is a beautifulrich history and a culture worth embracing, you may want to wait until things settle downa bit before you visit San Salvador.


The Australian Outback There’s this glamorous idea that seems toexist where you get up with some of your buddies, pack up some cool looking jeep with campinggear and take off on an excursion of sorts.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, maybetry to avoid the Australian Outback.

Here’s why.

They have some of the most poisonous snakesin the world.

This includes the Inland Taipan, the mostpoisonous snake in the world.

Though for the sake of clarity, these snakesrarely bite anyone as they are incredibly reclusive.

Still, they have enough venom to kill 100people.

But you also have the Common Death Adder todeal with.

These suckers are far more aggressive thanthe Inland Taipans, and their venom can be lethal if not treated quickly.

Aside from snakes you also have Crocodiles.

In particular, you should be scared of Saltwatercrocs as they have been known to hunt and kill people for dinner.

A full grown saltwater croc grows up to around20 feet long while weighing over 2,000 pounds.

They are top of the food chain, so a strolldown the waterway is basically like browsing the buffet line.

And they kill at least twopeople per year.

Last but not least, there are poisonous spiderssuch as the Sydney Funnel web, whose bite is reputed to cause serious injury and evendeath when not treated.

Weirdly, they are only dangerous to people,and other primates.

So if you think you’ve won the genetic lottery,try being bitten by one of these things and report back to us.

And let’s not forget about the natural elementssuch as the sun and desert that can be deadly if not taken seriously.

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