Target a Balanced Portfolio of Markets – Leanne Coddington, Tourism & Events Queensland

Queensland is renowned as an authentic destination,delivering great nature and great experiences.

Events play a huge role in attracting visitorsbecause they give great content to the destination, they helps us tell a new destination's storydepending on the event.

Balanced portfolio of markets is really importantfor Queensland, because of the number of destinations we have different appeal and they have differentconsumers around the globe.

When we look at the visitor expenditure, 75% of that comesfrom our domestic markets and 25% from international.

And when we delve a little bit more into theinternational, it's about 50:50 between our Asian markets and our longer haul markets,the western market.

When we looked at it from an Tourism and EventsQueensland perspective, we talk about owning that intrastate market, growing the interstatemarket and accelerating international growth, because that is where we know we can get greaterexpenditure.

Consumers are more attracted to the destinationwhen they can get there as quickly as possible and directly.

So through the aviation attractionfund, we've work very closely with our airport partners and with department to attract thosenew airlines of the state.

The Asian market is so important to us.

Wehave seen huge growth since 2010.

We have seen Asian market comes 50% of our total internationalvisitation.

So we work with trade in those markets.

To really focus on targeting on theright consumer, the consumers that are really going to help our industry grow, and bringexpenditure into the destination.

For both markets, both East and West, tradeengagement is key.

We need to be taking our product up into market, we need to be meetingwith the trade and the people that are going to sell our product to the consumer and showingthem what is new and innovative about we have to offer.

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