Swimming at the Blue Lagoon in Jogja | Things to do in Indonesia

Today we were with some friends from church.

And we want to Blue lagoon.

Maybe you've been clay in the previous videos we went to Blue lagoon.

And there's some development here and there is a big sign that reads from the government.

That this is a tourist spot.

And when we come here there is a bus tour out of this area.

So we see, I think it would be very crowded.

And, Come see what lies beneath.

The entry price of five thousand rupiah per person.

Or About 35 cents or 40 cents per person.

There is a parking lot here, before it's not here.

There is a picnic spot here as possible.

There are already collapsed.

But some are still good.

The food that you can buy.

You can buy food here such as instant noodles.

Coffee and food riingan.

Looks like they had fried rice.

And soups and the like there.

We headed down to the main area, an area for swimming.

There are a lot of people.

Let's look at the area here.

' Oh yes, there are a lot of people.

This was our picnic area.

Is that cool? Very cold.

Is it true? See clear, is not that clear.

No trash.

Take the noodles here for lunch.

There are many different types, there is a pop noodle, Glass noodles.

Pop Mie small.

Different types of noodles.

There are snacks that you can buy.

Sunflower seeds in small packages Noodles can be eaten.

Various So we ordered noodles for all.

And they will bring here.

Once they are completed.

Sure it took a while.

They have to heat the water first, and eight packs of noodles.

Or nine, eight or nine packaging.

So it's time to swim by.

Seth and Martin prepares to swim from a very high place, huh Seth? Yes, I have only one.

Maybe just one.

Hi Pini.


They managed, nice work.

You want more? Yes.

Good Seth.

This is it, jump.

Sarah will be up there.

Yes hopefully I can, long enough not jump from high places so.

You can do it.

Come on.

Okay swim while waiting for their completion.

We're going to the toilet.

Look at this.

Keep and dressing room over here.

Let's see if we can find it.

Find the toilet.

Because I know you want to see the toilet here.

All always want to see the toilet.

Is that locker room over there.


Not a toilet, well let kesebelahh here.

See if we can find one here, be careful with this.

If you do not want to break our legs or anything.

So we're back up here where we buy our noodles over there.

But there is another restaurant.

You can buy all kinds of things, snack or instant noodles.

I guess we should ask.

Where is the toilet? Toilet, above, Above, in the parking lot? Side.

Oh, okay.

Okay, thanks.

Okay so actually there is no toilet down here, there are above where we parked.

So we'll go there later on, because I do not need it just want to show to you alone.

But I do not want to go upstairs there now.

Okay so these items are rented.

Can rent.

So can rent life jackets.


Glass eyes, that is.

You can rent this.

Can rent inner tubes.

Can rent swimming trunks, go pro imitation b pro.

Can lease tongsis.

And they sell waterproof wrapping hp, that is.

You entrust hp $ 500 or $ 600.

In wrapping waterproof like this? They got here for you.

The shorts can be rented.

and of course here where I and Seth jump.


Okay, enough berkelilingnya.

Back and hang out with friends.

You can fish? May I see? Wow, you're going to eat it? Cool.

What is your name? Ilham, my name Ilham.

Ilham, nice to meet you inspiration.

What is your name? What? Dawn.

Okay guys, it's time to go home.

We had a nice time here.

Jump from, maybe the dam or rock where we jump.

Once the water is clear and cold.

Relatively clean if you look around like You do not see there, or there, or there.

But relatively clean.

And how do you experience here, do you recommend? Ya have to come here, this is good water cold.

Seth would you recommend this place.

Of course.

Especially for those who like to jump from high places, nice.

And the water in ya.

Perfect, it was pretty deep.

Yes cool place.

Yes, the place is spacious and there times.

And can play with ana-children and adults.

And you can rent a tube for swimming.

And a place to store the phone so as not to wet and places to eat.

And the place is cool.

Pini you like this place? Yes very nice and if you.

In the water You can find small fish in the water.

Wow cool, I do not see the small fish.

Yes, you just wait for them to come, was amused.

Is it true? It was fun, I did not see.

Cool, if you enjoy this place? Yes this place is nice, can jump into the river.

Okay ready? one two three.

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