SUNRISE JEEP TOUR WITH JEEP MERAPI 86 | Things to do in Indonesia

Hey, good morning to you.

Today we are at Merapi.

We were in the jeep rental place name Merapi Jeep 86.

And we are here with Sarah.

and Jules and Seth.

[Julie] Good morning.

And our driver whose English is very good.

This Jeep will we drive today.

[Julie] His name is Dawn huh? Dawn yes and she had long dreadlocks.

These are some of the tour jeep they provide, this is one of the routes.

The impact of the eruption of the museum.

and we can see the museum.

To a large stone, this stone out of Merapi possible.

Some places to take pictures and so on.

Lainnnya cool place to take pictures.

and off road.

Passing water and assorted A wide variety of off-road, but today.

This is what we will do.

We will do the Sunrise Jeep Tour.

And they leave us, they go so we had to go.

Good guys, we've been up here.

In the area banker.

and we will walk a little bit up hill here.

To see the sunrise with nice scenery.

But look at that, was getting a little.

Welcome to the Lava tour Merapi.

Now we are already in the sunrise point, in the Kali Adem banker.

For the whole tourist area has 560 official jeep operation.

So if you want to get a chance you can use the jeep tour jeep.

but they said that when great holiday jeep there is not enough for people who want to wear and.

and tour this area.

Sarah looks good.

It had Seth.

Already high, but he's starting from a large stone.

Down here starting from the great.

So while waiting for sunrise we will walk here and see the cliff The river but I guess there was no water.

Let's see.

That's cool.

Jules and children over there.

They were this big.

Neither of you is now 5:17 am and sunrise hours it looks like this.

Good, let's go back here and Jules and Sarah meet again.

Above here is cold, not cold at all.

But nice and cold.

So, Maybe you should bring a sweater.

Perhaps Seth and Jules wear sweaters.

Looks like our driver to wear a jacket.

But not too much.

not too cold.

Sarah also wear sweaters.

In fact Most wear jackets.

Good guys, now we get to the bottom and, and now will go to drink and bananas.

It is made from sugar banana and ginger.

and should it just be here.

Drink specials from this area so let's go.

We'll buy the drinks here as possible.

With bananas and so on and this is his jeep-jeep.

and Merap behind.

This drink, we must first stir.

and inside there are bananas and and the seasoning was not sure what seasoning in it.

Ginger and palm sugar.

Good, ginger and palm sugar.

I mean palm sugar.

Well, let's try.

Hot? Sweet, hot.


It's adorable.

and we could feel psang and ginger.


Can only two people.


Yes, nice huh.

They are there.

and they were far There.

We in stone Alian.

Well, we've got an alien rock.

Let's see what this is, alien rock.

It was more like a human face.

Looks like a human face? Not an alien face.

Well, let's see.

It's an alien head.

Jules was making a video.

So they told the rock aliens When Merapi erupted in 2010, it was out of trim and fall here landing there.

Let's look at the cliffs.

so there is a lot of sand, and they put it in the truck.

and it is up to the top.

Merapi to the top.

Good guys, that was alien rocks and cliffs Now we'll go to the mini museum.

See all the artifacts there from erips.

Okay, we got meni museum.

and there are a lot of dogs.

They were funny.

Look at them.

Sarah had a dog friend.

Come here.

Seth also found one.

New leaves mini museum.

Many objects can be seen, There's puppy, Sarah and Seth liked playing with them.

I think Jules.

They all like to play with a puppy there.

But, Many interesting artifacts woman whose house it was, When the eruption of him there and make the museum and now we are back to the base camp.

where we return the jeep and finish this tour.

So let's enjoy the ride back to the base camp.

Yes, we get.

We are grateful to Merapi 86 already provides for our tour in these days.

If you are interested mmengambil sunrise tour like this You can check their website, their website is in the description of this video.

and there is also a google maps link to this location.

Base camp for Jepp two Merapi 86.

So they are very professional, the thing I like about this tour.

and Dawn explained that in fact they wear a uniform and a guide or a virgin not want merekok.

And they also can be a photographer, it's great so we could be in the photo.

With the trim or all of the places we visit so I like, cool.

Yes, and if you want a guide who speaks English can use, the website in Indonesian But you can use google translate to translate the website.

But if you want to contact their existing number and WhatsApp.

then you can ask English riders are on tour and explain everything in English.

and it is very helpful if you can not speak Indonesian.

One thing that made me love this tour is When we are in jeep Fresh air.

All It was cold and cool in hot city.

Nice up here.


One thing I love about this tour is a lot of opportunity to take a good picture.

If you want to see pictures of our portrait of this tour, make sure you check our instagram account Also in the video's description.

We wish you a wonderful day and Keep Smiling :).

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