Space Tourism (Ep 1) | Elite: Dangerous

Damn it alrightcome on come on come on oh Mars you decided to join usJesus Christ did you fly an Orca in here? What is wrong with you?What do you mean it's a new mission? There's no There's no mission to fly a fuckingOrca into the middle of a crime sweep.

Jesus Lots of credit fro flying VIPs?Mars there's there's no there's no credit for flying VIPsMars that's that's not a real mission.

There's noNo it's it's it's not a real mission What the hell are you doing? Jesus Christ!No Stay away! I needed a wing man not a fucking cruise shipWhat do you mean you are going to the next spot?Oh God okay Where is it you think the next place to gois? Mars there's no mission that requires youto fly an Orca Yeah I'm following ya.

I don't know why Iam following you but I am following you Why are you going into this middle of thismiddle of this ice canyon? Yeah I see you put a Orca in the middle ofa rock planet and Mars you realize that this is hostile territory.

We are in the middleof Fed Space.

It's a tourist destination.

What could possibly be touristy about a rock planet?Dude this is the sweetest rock planet ever one foot in.

opps that looks like a roughlanding.

What about the other two feet? Yep just a little to the and the.

That' yep there!There you go.

Now let's get out.

Ready? 3 2 1 mark!.

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