Singapore Flyer

(jazzy music) – Today I'm taking flighton one of Asia's most iconic architectural and engineering marvels, The Singapore Flyer.

Alright, here we go.

Hello, Singapore.

My first sight is the Gardens by the Bay, with the Conservatory and the supertrees.

The capsules are really spacious.

There's actually 28 of them on the wheel.

Each one holds 28 people, and it takes, you guessed it, 28 minutesto go all the way around.

Wow! I have a 360 degree view ofthe city, and in the distance I can see Indonesia.

The Singapore Flyer is thetallest observation wheel in the world, 30 metershigher than the famed London Eye.

So we're just arrivingat the top, and they say when you get to this point of the journey you're supposed to make a wish.

Oh, that was fantastic.

What a relaxing and unique way to see the beauty of Singapore.

Source: Youtube