Sex Change Operations in Mexico with Best SRS Transgender Tourism

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Albert always felt different from the otherboys.

One day he realized that he feels like a girl.

And he want to look like a girl.

So he looked for Sex Reassignment SurgeryMale to Female treatment.

But all seems expensive for him.

He talked with a friend who said to travelabroad for his treatment with PlacidWay.

Placidway is a leader in Medical Travel.

Now Albert can be Emma.

Thanks to, Male to Female Sex Change Surgeryin Guadalajara, Mexico.

At GRS Mexico, the treatment’s price startsfrom $10,000.

What's included: Initial consultation with your specialistSurgical fees Lab feesAnaesthesiologist fees Operating room feesTwo-nights hospital stay (one before and one after surgery)Nursing care while in the hospital Meals while in the hospitalMedications while in the hospital Ground transportation from San Diego, Yuma,or Palm Springs when surgery is performed in Mexicali, from the airport to hotel inGuadalajara and Mazatlan Case Manager AssistanceConcierge service 10 days hotelIf you want to know more, contact us.

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