School of Hospitality, Recreation, and Tourism – Overview Video

(upbeat electronic music) – [Voiceover] Action,adventure, and hot, hot stuff.

Sum up the energy, and intensity of the programs that live within theSchool of Hospitality, Recreation, and Tourism at Humber.

This school prides itself on attracting the highestcaliber of teachers.

With the broadest range of credentials and industry experience.

Our faculty have workedall over the world, and they bring their epicexperience to our classrooms and to our students.

Fitness, sport, andmassage therapy programs are for the action-oriented students.

Students learn practicalprogram components in highly specific program labs and specialized fitnessassessment studios.

Hospitality, event planning, and tourism, offers boundless opportunitiesto those who love to travel and experience other cultures.

Students gain valuable,on-the-job experience in both our on- and off-campus facilities, including the Humber Room, our popular, up-scale restaraunt that is open to the public and also serves as ahands-on training facility.

The nutrition throughculinary arts programs provide an abundance of career choices, from the sweet to the savory.

Our culinary studentscan really heat things up in our state of the artinduction cooking labs, and demonstration theaters.

While food and beverage students cool things down in our mixology lab and wine tasting theater.

At the heart of this school is a mission to insure our graduates are career-ready and capable.

We are hospitality.

We are recreation.

We are tourism.

We are Humber.

Source: Youtube