Research on the perspective of foreign tourists toward Thailand

Would you please introduce yourself for me ? Like your nickname? My name is Daisylea And you? My name is Henry My name is June, nice to meet you.

May I ask why you choose Thailand as your travel destination ? Yes.

This is our first day here, and we stay here for 3 days.

Then we will go to Koh Samui and Koh Tao.

Do you like Thailand ,so far? Yes but this is our first day and our first visit so we don't know.

Did you try Thai food already ? Not yet, but we want to go.

Oh so you are on the way to the restaurant ? yes , we are on the way to have our first meal.

Oh ok, so thank you very much My name is Joulies where you come from? I'm from New Zealand.

Have you ever try Thai food? Yeah I love Thai food What kind of food? Yeah like a kaosoi, and stuff.

Oh, Hell yeah why do you choose Thailand as your destination? Cause I wanna see the culture here and I been here for the few times like Thailand alot.

How long do you stay here? for 2 weeks Do you ever go to Phuket? we’re going soon xoxo Thank you for your time, Thank you Where do you come from?? New Zealand Okay, why you choose Thailandto travel destination? Cause I was born here Have you tried Thai food? Yeah Yeah, I love thai food I like noodles And Tom Yum Goong, do you like it? Yeah What do you enjoy the most while you travelling in Thailand? People , I love the people Do you know some culture of Thailand like a "Wai" and say "Thank you” Yeah Yeah, I know I knowhow to said Thank You "Kob khun krub" Thank you so much No problem Hello, what your name? Matthew I'm Rika, nice to meet you Have you ever been in Thailand? Yes! How long you stay here? This time is 2 weeks Why you choose thailand as your travel destination? I have to go to wedding at Sri Lanka and I use to come to thailand last yearthis is the nice place, relaxing and beautiful weather What you enjoy the most while you travel in Thailand or Bangkok? My wife like shopping and I like swimming and relaxing Do you try thai food? And what you like the most? I like Pad-Thai and my wife like Tom-Yum Thank you so much 🙂 Do you every try thai food? Yes What kind of food? I love seafood soup Tom Yum soup How long do you stay here? One week.

What do you think about traffic in Thailand? It a little bit but the police is doing the best to pass it Thank you for your time !! Hello, My name is June,Hi nice to meet you So where do you come from ? We live in Dubai.

Oh, Which part of Dubai? Hasmal How long have you been in Thailand? We just arrived yesterday.

Have you tried Thai food or anything ? Not yet ,That's our plan today.

and so for you, Do you like Thailand? Yes we love it.

Every people are friendly.

So far what we have seen is very nice.

I'm sorry but have you ever heard about the news of our beloved who had just passed away? And how do you feel about the current situation? like Thai people we all wearing black and stuffs.

No, I didn't know about that.

Oh you didnt know about that? Our beloved king, the previous one, just passed away.

Yes, for me I watched the news and I knew He had passed away after 80 years of being a king.

And it's very sad.

Every people loves him.

So far, do you like Thailand ? Yes , it's very nice here.

Thank you so much for your time.

Where are you come from? We’re from Israel What’s your name ? My name is Yako and My wife Lina How long have you been in Thailand? About 3 days before 2 weeks,And 3 days, Now Thank you so much.

Sweden, (Where you come from?) How long have you been to Thailand? We are living here now.

You are living in Thailand.

Which part ? Sukhumvit So do you like Thailand ? Yes! about the transportation, you think which way is the most convenient way ? At combination, different ways areconvenient like boat, BTS and taxi.

Normally which one you choose ? BTS? Boat, BTS and Taxi.

Depends on where I go.

And, Do you like Thai food ? Yes Which Thai food you like the most? Most Thai food! Have you heard the news about our belovedking just passed away? And how you feel about the current situation ? Well I understand that Thai, it's very hard thing.

For us, there are distance because we don't have the relation with our king.

So for us, there are some distancesto understand, but we understand you all.

Thank you so much for your time.

Good morning.

What’s your name? Juel and Swade Nice to meet you im Chacha Nice to meet you Chacha Where do you come from? Holland Have you tried Thai food? Yeah Do you like it? Yeah about Pad Thai? Yes, Kao Suay , Tom-Yum-Kai.

We learn in cooking class Oh wow that’s good.

What do you enjoy the most while you travelling in Thailand? The food, I think.

Nice people and Culture? Beautiful temple.

Beach are nich, Yeah Very nice, Beautiful country.

Okay thank you so much.

Have a good day Where you come from? from England Do you every try Thai food? Oh yes What kind of food? Spicy Tom Yum Kung right? Yeah, Stir-fry How long do you stay here? 2 months Which parts of Thailand do you like the most? Oh every difficult there are many lovely place it very nice cities.

Thank you for your times We have a souvenir for you.

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