President Park announces plans to improve tourism industry

Korea will put extra emphasis on boostingthe nation's tourism sector.

President Park Geun-hye highlighted the needto improve the quality of Korea's tour contents.

calling for better ideas and policies to.

Not only attract more visitors to Korea but to make them want to come BACK to this country.

First, our Song Ji-sun on today's tourism policy meeting at the nation's presidentialoffice.

President Park Geun-hye described tourismas a mixture of culture, transportation and infrastructure mixed with Korean hospitality.

Speaking at a forum launched Friday to improve cultural tourism,.

President Park said thefocus now should not be on the numbers but the quality of the country's tourism programs.

She said the ultimate goal should be a tourism environment that's free of complaints, whichshe said can be accomplished by rooting out bad practices like grift,.

and that there'sroom for an upgrade, as tourist programs or attractions are often not very diverse.

"As tourists, the hospitality of the visitingcountry is what lasts the longest in our minds.

Our policies must be focused on improvingthe quality of the experience for visitors, increasing their satisfaction, boosting spendingand making them eager to return.

" The president highlighted creativity and innovation.

As essential to revamping the industry.

She ordered the creation of new tourism contentthrough storytelling based on features unique to each region.

to attract visitors fromoverseas.

The government aims to increase the tourismmarket to 48-billion dollars by next year.

and will support the expansion of the sectorthrough deregulation.

It will also launch a new commission to helpdeepen integration and synergy between relevant ministries and industries.

"The president noted that tourism creates50-percent as many jobs as manufacturing and urged those present to foster the sector asa way to boost domestic spending and youth job creation.

Song Ji-sun, Arirang News.


Source: Youtube