That's Old Town Square (Old Town Market Square), the most visited place in Prague and the Czech Republic.

And one of the biggest traps for tourists is right here! These currency exchange (Change) What are doing here? Instead you change 27 crowns for 1 euro, they only give you 15 crowns for 1 Euro! This is rip off! They operate their business for years at this point and no one does anything about it.

But we will take action today! You should not change your money here! 1 EUR = 15 CZK.

This is too little! A bad price! Here is a map of where I have drawn better exchange offices.

Thank you! It is just opposite.

We just 1.



4 people "saved"! Let's move on! Ask for the exchange rate before changing! They offer 15 crowns for 1 Euro Instead of 27 crowns for 1 Euro.

This is the current exchange rate.

This is a tourist trap! If you want to change money, you go here! 15 CZK! Very bad! Go on, there's nothing to see.

So far, we have kept 20 people in front of it to change their money here.

If we assume that every 50 euros change, it would be 1000 euros.

Half of the company would be plugged! Thus, we have saved 500 euros.

In just 30 minutes? That's great! I like it.

This is now the first time that we hear the Astronomical Clock.

And we will hear it more often.

You should get 300 crowns.

Please go to the price of 27 crowns.

The rate is now at 40:.

1 This gentlemen we could not help.

He just changed there.

Do not change here.

You only get 15 crowns.

Go to this currency exchange, or try as much as possible to get at 27 crowns.

Always ask for the price before you switch.

You should not go here.

Two hours are now over and we are still here and have saved money by over 100 people.

So far so good.

And we go on! Do you know how many times have we heard the word Thank you today? About 300 times.

And how many times you think that there have heard of the business people? Not at all.

He says I can not do that here.

And I tell him.

I'll make it on.

I will continue.

I'll make it on, because I want to protect the people against this currency exchange.

To keep the story short.

You called the police because I disturb their business.

And I called my lawyers and they said.

Wait! Please do not change here.

We will continue.

We will protect each individual.

The ratio is now 300: 2, because I missed two people.

One did not want to talk to us.

But it is not so bad, because he has changed only five euros.

The rich do not even have to buy a Trdelník or the like.

Because he scored only 75 crowns.

Instead 135 crowns.

And of course, this business has two entrances.

There is another friend at the second door.

Two minutes from here is a better currency exchange.

The police was just passing and said that there is a law that forbids to distribute flyers.

Thus, we will not spread and they just show.

And police say that that would be fine.

Hi, do you speak English? This is a really bad exchange office.

Thank you! I must exit times.

Save me the world to me further.

I will.

We have just received a letter from Gordon Robert Preyer.

A man of this business represents.

And he wrote us that they have lost by our action hundreds of crowns.

No! You have not lost money.

We saved money from these tourists.

We have protected it because you offer an incredibly poor exchange rate.

He further writes that if this video will be released.

(If you see this, I am perhaps in prison).

We can get a prison sentence of up to two years.

Not good.

And again an hour has passed and we save more tourists.

And we are successful! And the police was there again.

Fortunately, we do nothing illegal and save the money of other people.

We save your money.

Please share this video.

So that no one goes to this business.

Over there is a better currency exchange.

26,50 crowns should get for 1 Euro you.

So people, it is at 17 am and the astronomical clock is ringing.

And we are tired and should go home.

Unfortunately, this shop is open 24 hours a day.

Thus, we need your support! Does this video Spread the word.

Let other people know that this is a huge tourist trap.

Hey guys, do not substitute your money here! This is a tourist trap! We were 1 times to the toilet and had only a bottle of water.

I am totally exhausted.

And you? Also tired? Hi, do you speak English? Attention! This is a tourist trap! I can also tell you where to find the best Pokémon you.

I also have free Wi-Fi here.

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