Pilates & Yoga Workout ♥ Yogalates Beach Fusion

hey guys welcome to your beach bum yogalates we are in beautiful Samara, Costa Rica and I have a 15 min workout for you thats going to fuse pilates with a couple of yoga exercises so if you're ready grab a mat some water and lets do this ok guys so were going to begin with our roll up exercise your feet grounded to the floor reaching the arms forward inhale and exhale keeping the spine round your going to take it down nice and slow inhale reach the arms exhale push reaching forward now as you come down think of releasing one vertabra at a time this is a really good exercise to warm up your body warm up your core, warm up your body raise that body temperature up inhale exhale reach now coming down about half way right in the middle extending your right leg engage the right quadricep working the oblique exhale give me twist for 8 twist to the right 6 5 2 one very good release the right foot come through exhale come back down again half way extending your left leg engage the left quad inhale, exhale twist 8 7 5 3 2 very nice relesing your left foot and take it all the way down reaching your arms over your head windshiled wipe side to side warming up the spine and going right into our double tow taps legs up to table top draw the navel into the spine and press your low back down hands behind your head inhale hold exhale lift up inhale tap the toes exhale centre inhale down exhale lift tap centre and down lift tap centre and down now be careful when you tap and lower, lower from the hips not from the knee that is going to really work your lower body lift lift tap centre down two more ast one good job now I want you to lift up hold full flexion of your knees were going to go right into our double leg extension inhale extend away exhale in for 8 5 4 3 2 good job last one very nice extend your legs open up your feet to pilates stand heels touching toes apart reaching the arms over your head exhale press and reach forward 100's inhale for 5 exhale for 5 remember your can always modify this by bending your knees to table top your half way there 20 more last 10 knees into the chest give yourself a nice hug relax the shoulders flex your feet extend your knees open the legs happy baby posture pull the knees down to the floor really nice stretch to open up the hips now from here extend your knees open into a straddle stretching out the inner thighs relax the shoulders and then slowly bring the legs right up reach the arms up interface the fingers index fingers pointed up right up to the ceiling now from here were going to reach up lower the left leg reaching the hands towards the right corner of your mat centre and then opposite side twist so whatever leg is up thats the side that your twisting to keep going reaching forward and up last two then were going to hold and pulse alright lets get those abs burning reaching forward point those feet index fingers to the right hold 8 seconds pulse 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 legs up other side and pulse 5 6 7 8 rolling like a ball exercise knees into your chest your going to roll yourself over to your shoulders and then all the way up try not to touch the feet to the ground i have it extra hard cause im on q hill and hold round and up if you do this outside try to find a hill so you can feel the challenge that im feeling hold it here boat posture reach the arms forward drop the shoulders away from your ears 4 seconds very nice guys now bring your hands down were going to cross your feet in front, were going to do a nice stretch inhale reach the arms up exhale your going to take your right hand down left arm is going to reach give the side of your body a nice stretch other side form here bring your knees together and then just swing your feet around lets come to our hands and knees position coming to the middle of your mat arch the back exhale rounds look up and exhale last one bring it to neutral spine now straight back extending your right leg all the way back level the hips out alight with the left hip naval to the spine take your left arm and reach forward you want to keep that same level with the arm and the leg try not to do any kind of movement or wiggling taking our helicpter inhale, exhale just the arm and leg going to opwn to the side come back to center open two center three last one hold it here inhale exhale crunch left elbow right knee touching inhale extend exhale crunch reach and crunch think of touching opposite elbow to opposite knee nice and hold in here releasing your left hand down going to do pushups elbows close to your body take it down 5 4 3 2 hold it here tuck your left tows under lift into one legged dog stretch it out releasing the right foot down downward dog good stretch lets take a flow and go right into the other side come froward into plank chataranga upward dog and childs pose set back exhale come up to all fours lets do the other side beginning with our left leg take it all the way out draw the naval to your spine reach the right arm forward hold 8 seconds first contracting every muscle in your body try not to have any movement open to helicpter inhale back to centre exhale open one more exhale crunch opoosite elbow opposite knee last two hold it here right hand down lets take our pushups take your body forwward elbows in and 8 4 3 come up tuck your toes one legged dog hold and stretch lower the left foot give it a good stretch in the downward dog position and then from here walk your hands towards the feet coming into our forward fold stretch take a moment release your head give a good release to the head.

Move your head side to side arms behind interface the fingers extend the elbows give the shoulders a nice stretch round the spine one vertebra at a time and taking a standing cobra back to centre and release the shoulders thank you guys so much for watching this was our yogalates class i hope your join me again in our other classes in beautiful costa rica ill see you soon again, bye!.

Source: Youtube