Origins of the Hmong 18 Clan, Folk Story

This is a story when the Earth was flooded.

That is how the Hmong last names were created.

A long time ago, the Earth became flooded.

People and animals and plants had all disappeared.

There was two siblings in a drum.

When the water began to rise to the sky, thedrum floated making noise, tong-tong tong- tong.

Then the people in the sky wondered what wasmaking all that noise, tong-tong tong-tong.

Then they looked down on Earth and saw thatthe Earth was flooded.

Then they saw a drum, floating.

Then they thought we should use spears andpoke holes into the Earth and release the water.

And so they speared the land and the waterreceded.

The drum then floated back down to Earth andlanded on land.

Then the siblings knew that they were on landagain.

The two siblings came out of the drum.

They looked everywhere.

Why are there no people and animals.

They were the only people left.

Then they said what are we going to do.

Then the brother said to the sister, "Youmust marry me, so that we can have children and repopulate the Earth.

" The sister answered,"We are siblings, I refuse.

" The next day the brother tried to convincethe sister again.

But the sister said, "I refuse.

" The brother kept asking.

The sister then answered, "If you want tomarry me, we will bring two rocks to the top of the mountain and roll it down each side of the mountain.

If when we roll the rocks and the two rockscome back together then will marry you.

" They then carried the two rocks to the mountain and rolled it down.

That evening the brother moved the rocks andplaced them at the top of the mountain.

The next morning the siblings woke up to seethe two rocks together again in the mountain.

Then the sister said, "We are siblings, butthe two rocks have come back together again.

Then if you would still like to marry me thenI will accept.

" So they got married.

Soon after they were pregnant.

They birthed a child.

However, it was not like a baby born in nature.

It had no head, arms, or legs.

It was round like a rock.

So they cut it up and sprinkled the piecesin different places.

A few pieces were placed by the fence.

A few by the garden.

A few pieces in the attic.

A few pieces at the barns and pig corral.

Those that were placed by the fence then becameHmong Vang and Hmong Yang.

Those by the garden became Hmong Thao.

Those in the attic became Hmong Cha, HmongKhang, and Hmong Pha.

Those that ended at the barns became HmongLee.

Those by the pig corral became Hmong Moua.

They placed the pieces in 18 places, thatis why we have 18 Hmong last names.

The next morning, they woke up to see manypeople all over the village.

There were red flames and smoke from the kitchen on every rooftop.

Little rodents and little birds, little insects and little ant, and all other life forms of every kind.

Since then they had family and relatives andfriends.

So they did not have a sad life like before.

Source: Youtube