One Piece Unlimited Adventure # 3 – Beautiful Beach [Deutsch][HD][CC] [100%]

Chopper: hey, its Robin!! Robin: How about letting me join you.

Everyone : What!! Robin: I dont have a home, and no Destination, so this Ship seems like the best choice for me Luffy: Then i guess we dont have a choice.

Shure! Sanji: Uhh Franky, your not wearing any Underware again! Luffy: Here you go! Luffy : Now come onbard Franky! Franky: Dont sound so cocky, you amateurs cant repair anything! Franky : and i fell sorry about that ship of yours, lacking anyone who can take care of it! Franky: Fine then, i help you out, i take this job, i´ll be your Shipwright, Franky the Shipwright! Luffy: Haha, a new Crewmember!! Robin: Yeah.

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