Nice Trip n°1 : London

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to London.

" Monday, 1 August 2016 8:00 Dear Diary, Today is my last day in England.

Time to pack to come.

Now it's time to leave behind me a different life, and return to my country: my sweet Belgium I will remember forever all the knowledge that I have made here.

And their good times.

The most painful is it to say that I would never see them again.

Whether French, Italian, Chinese, Sri Lankan, Japanese, Indian or English, these people will remain forever engraved in my heart.

Thanks to them, I learned that a language is not blocking the creation of a friendship.

And that should not be of the same nationality to have some fun.

Arriving here, I gained a new family.

A family that welcomed me and considered of them from the first days when I installed my home.

Home My parents will miss you terribly.

They offered me their cultures, their life, their love.

And that either I could never forget.

When I left, they took me in their arms and told me I was going to miss them terribly.

I did not know my tears and sadness to leave.

But my life must go and I must leave.

I am now on the way home.

I'll go back to my family, my friends, my love, my life.

But before going, I would like to say to all: Thank you.

Thank you so much for this past month from you.

I never forget you, I promise you.

Monday, August 1, 2016, Jean-Michel.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Brussels Midi.

Source: Youtube