NDSU Hospitality and Tourism Management

My name is Nicole Holden, I graduated inDecember of 2008 and I'm currently employed at the Fargo-Moorhead Conventionand Visitors Bureau.

I think some of the skills that Ilearned in the hospitality program was just the ability to think about thedetails and work on your feet, and really learn how to work wellwith professionals already in the industry.

So it was really nice as astudent to be able to approach some of the restaurants and some of the caterersand be able to get them involved and being able to work with other peopleother than just your students and your teachers, and working with real-lifeindividuals who are already working in the hospitality industry.

It's such a greatnetworking a connection piece as well.

The Food & Wine Show supports our HospitalityStudents Association (HSA) members for two scholarships.

The additional money we creategoals to next year for our funds.

I'm Emily Klumm, I graduated in 2012 and Iwork at the Fargo Convention and Visitors Bureau.

I think the most importantthing is people skills, you always need that in the hospitalityindustry.

It's also great because a lot of my classmates are still in the area andif you ever need help, you know that now they are in the GM positions, or salespositions, it's always good to count on them to gethelp if you need it, or to get ideas.

We definitely all stay in contact still, agood group of us.

Helping with the Food & Wine Show really taught me that it takes a whole team to get a job done.

So the food when she was really complexand we needed all five of our officers plus all of our team members in HSA to helpus really pull it all together and have a good show.

I am Laura McMartin Igraduated in 2013 from the Hospitality program here at NDSU.

It was superbeneficial to my career and my success I've had thus far.

It made me realize a lot of work goes into anevent more than you think goes into it.

We were afforded with a ton of opportunitiesthat translated towards the real world.

A lot of them being hands-on experiences,whether through HSA, really good guest speakers in the classes, the mostbeneficial part was the variety of classes that NDSU does offer withinthe Hospitality program.

You can choose your emphasis whether it's golfing orcountry clubs or hotel management, food and beverage, restaurant.

I chosekind of event planning route with a little empathy on lodging and it was a good choice.

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