Myra Williams drug possession trial commences

The trial of Myra Williamshas started in Bali.

The 27-year-old Taupo womanwas arrested in August last year and faces drug traffickingand possession charges.

Te Okiwa McLean spokewith Williams' lawyer and filed this report.

Heading to court to defendmethamphetamine charges.

Williams was found with just undera half a gram of methamphetamine upon arrival in Bali in last year.

She's been served with legal adviceby lawyer Craig Tuck.

Williams was raised in Taupobefore moving to Melbourne.

She was heading to Bali on holiday, but by the looks of things,it's a holiday gone wrong.

The case now a matterof why Williams had the drug.

A charge of importing the drug would mean jail imprisonmentfor five to 15 years.

As Williams left court, Te Karere was unableto get a comment from her.

William will appear in court againfor her next trial on January 31.

Meanwhile she will be spending her28th birthday next week behind bars.

Te Okiwa McLean, Te Karere.

Source: Youtube