My Perfect Summer Diet ♥ Closet Fruitatarian – Barigona Beach

hey guys so today I'm going to share with you my top 3 favourite summer fruits that I like to eat and number one is avocado so avocados are amazing because they're full of monounsaturated fats which are really good fats they are also high in potassium which are actually higher than bananas which is awesome the third thing that I love about them is that high in fiber which help you with weight loss I love including avocados in my salads I also like to use them as a spread on a sandwhich or just over crackers they are amazing put them in your smoothies, they're also great for that as well my second favourite fruit is watermelon I'm actually quites obsessed with it it is amazing because it is full of vitamins A C and B-6 and its also 90% water based so you're rehydrating your body by eating watermelon and it fills your belly so you feel less tempted to eat junkfood after a nice snack i can probably what the whole thing right now and third we have is coconut and these guys are amazing because they are full of electrolytes they're full of minerals it has potassium in it and all bunch of great vitamins that your body needs its awesome to have coconut water after a big workout to rehydrate your body to put all those electrolytes back into your body they're great to drink but they're also great to eat as well if you shred a coconut you can add it into your smoothies you can use coconut oil to cook with you can do so many awesome things with it its so good for you try to include it into your diet as much as you can there you have it guys we are in beautiful Samara, Costa Rica and I'm going to run into the ocean because i have watermelon all over my face so thank for watching make sure u tune into my channel subscribe and follow other tips if you like to hear more bye!.

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