Mixed reaction to Tourism Minister’s announced resignation

John Key's departureas Prime Minister also means he will be stepping downas Tourism Minister.

Today in the Maori tourism capitalof Rotorua there are mixed reviewsabout the news.

Roihana Nuri canvassed a rangeof views from tourism operators and business ownersto those grass roots perspectives.

Here's his report.

Prime Minister John Key launchedthis ride named the Shweeb at Agroventures Rotorua.

Now his ride as Prime Ministerand Tourism Minster will come to an end.

Debbie Guptill of Tuhourangiand Ngati Whakaue is the sales and marketing managerfor Agroventures.

She has more the 20 yearsin tourism.

More than half of my clienteleare tourists, it is not as if John Keysent them to us.

I was shocked to learn todaythat he was the Tourism Minister, I didn't know that.

Hohua Mohi of Ngati Rangiwewehiis a director of Moko 101.

He says there are more importantissues facing Maori than worrying aboutthe Prime Minister.

I believe most of the touristsapart from the ones attending adventure tours or events are coming here to meet Maori.

From business and tourismto the streets of Rotorua now.

Did you support John Key? Yes I did, I am a true Maori,but I did support him.

Some of the things he did we'reselfish but still good.

Who will be our new Prime Minister? John English? Paula Bennett?Steven Joyce? Simon Bridges? Judith Collins? No.

I want Te Waimerito who is a studentat Rotorua Girls High School to be prime minister.

If they are passionateabout Maori culture then others will also startto be more open towards Maori.

On Monday we will all know who will be our new Prime Ministerand our new Tourism Minister.

Roihana Nuri, Te Karere.

Source: Youtube