Mississippi Anti-Gay Tourism Video

We're Mississippi.

We're proud of our southern values, magnolia trees, and hot days.

Now thanks to Governor Bryant we have an oppressive law to match our oppressive heat.

Here, you can march to the beat of your own drum as long as that beat harkens back to 1888.

Visit one of our soul food restaurants and swallow your sense of humanity.

Toast to being the state with the third highest teen pregnancy rate.

Come dance your heart out without the fear of a gay man or lesbian showing you up.

Paddle your way through semantics that justify discrimination.

Explore nature with your nuclear family while explaining to your kids while being different is bad and why sex is scary.

Soak up the fun in our national chain restaurants and stores before they pack up and leave.

Walk amongst mansions previously inhabited by slave owners and now inhabited by bigots.

Explore our vast collection of books before we burn them all.

And fish in the quiet solitude of knowing that you've been left behind by history.

Visit Mississippi.

We're even worse than North Carolina.

Source: Youtube