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Hi my name is Sam Martin and I teach inthe master's of tourism management program online at Colorado State University.

The tourismindustry is really about experiences.

It's about moving.

It's about being in differentplaces, and it's tied into well-being, and it's tied into fitness, and it's tied intohow we really view ourselves and how we view our lives.

Really one of the big things aboutit is being in the outdoors and enjoying all the great activities there are to enjoy, whetherit's skiing, or whether it's mountain climbing, or rafting, hiking, and biking, and exploringnew areas whether it's climbing through the gorges of Mexico, or climbing the rocks inHorsetooth in Fort Collins, it's really about the authenticity of those experiences, andI think that once you become tourism professional you get to live the life that we try to createfor the people we're managing tourism experiences.

When you think about why a master's degreeis important in the tourism industry today, things have changed a lot in the industryin the past several years and that requires tourism manager's focus on fact based decisionmaking and collaborative decision making, both of which are fairly skills that are requiredto be able to put highly trained, highly skilled, professionals into management that are goingto be the leaders in the tourism industry going forward.

So we really focus right atthe beginning of the program on looking at the tourism as a holistic system that looksat social, technological, environmental, economic, and political aspects of the tourism industry,and that's really important when you're managing a tourism operations and enterprises, especiallyin developing countries, and tourism has become one of the major development tools for thosecountries where you can involve all of those aspects and really make a difference in people'slives.

The online learning experience is really focused on building a community, and alsoa lifetime network of people that you can engage with as you become employed in thetourism industry, and work for the rest of your life in this great career, and the bestway to learn is definitely to teach.

They learn the content themselves, and then theyquestion, and they query, and they engage all the other members of their discussiongroups even though they are all around the world.

It's a way to express that you've reallydelved in to the depths of these skill sets and you really understand it, and have masteryof these various skills that will help you be successful in your tourism carreer andwe do our students a disservice if we don't prepare them with the skill sets that theyneed to be very successful in a business setting, so that they can do really good things inthe world.

If you're passionate about living the outdoor lifestyle.

If you are interestedin the tourism industry as a career path, come talk to us.

We'd love to hear from you.

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