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Hi guys This weekend just happened Ed and I went to London And it was amazing It was amazing because it's been a while since the last time that Ed and I went to London I mean, we went to London for Halloween But we only stayed there for like six hours.

And then we went back to Hastings So some time since the last time that Ed and I went in London As.

Doing things and taking a walk And just having something like an appointment But not a date Just relax and record and enjoy the city And do the things we love So we were invited We were really lucky To be invited to the presentation of the awards Lush I do not know if you guys know this but every year since, I think, 2015 If, 2015 Lush is organizing annual funding To support young scientists and researchers to conduct alternative tests without animal testing So Lush is really giving money I think 250,000 lbs A young scientists and researchers to end animal testing We were very fortunate to be invited to dinner awards Lush Where we met all the winners We ate a fantastic vegan dinner * FOOD! * And we hang out with amazing people We had a great time They even paid for our Hotel And.

I do not know if you guys know this But the last time Ed and I stayed in a hotel It was.

I think five years ago Four years ago.

* * NEXT DAY Oh, hi guys Hi guys Today we have all day for us So I think we're going to get Breakfast? Ed: Yeah! Why? – Yes! Breakfast! Ed: Let's Veggie Pret I think we're going to Veggie Pret again, because we are addicted and we need our prick right now Now, now! And besides that, I think we're going to Victoria and Albert Museum I've never been there before, but it has been a while since the last time I made a challenge Let's draw outside And the day is dark and rainy here in London So it's perfect to go I think it's a perfect opportunity to go to a museum And draw all day So that's it, and am so glad that you guys join us And.

if we go and look for some breakfast Ed: Yeah, we So we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum * * Victoria and Albert Museum As I said And Victoria and Albert Museum the I wanted to go because he thought he had paintings And you guys, I'm obsessed with paints It was one of you guys who actually asked me when he would make a new episode of Let's draw outside challenge If you are new to this channel and you have no idea what I speak When I lived in Berlin I decided to make this challenge going to a museum once a month * MUSEUM, GALLERY, PARK, COFFEE OR BOTANICAL GARDEN Or much as I could For as illustrators I do not know if I am here talking about all the illustrators in the world but But I do this and I am very happy to do this Rather I spend all day at home In pajamas and coffee and tea and draw inside And just draw all the things I know In my comfort zone But I realized this When I go out and drawing people and nature and going to museums My skills tend to improve illustrator So I decided to make this challenge to give me a push and push my limits And this time, in this episode I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum And.

to be honest, guys I had no idea what to expect from this museum I did a little research for you guys Because I like that these videos are informal but very professional And here are my notes The Albert and Vitctoria Museum is the largest museum of decorative arts and design Which it is crazy if you think about it, in London Possessing a permanent collection of 4.

5 million objects * 4.

5 million objects * Which it is crazy Como, 4.

5 million objects If I can be totally honest with you guys He had zero desire to draw I mean, I was really motivated to draw But I had no idea what to draw Because usually when I go to a museum I like to go to the section of paintings I am an unconditional fan of painting And classical painting But with objects I have porblemas with objects, guys Because objects do not have a face And they have a body So, objects, guys Here's the thing When you're standing in front of a carpet I do not know what to draw When you're in front of a vase Or a dish Or.

I do not know, old things I do not know what to draw Because I like to draw people I just draw paintings and different positions So, for my guys, this challenge was very difficult Because he was surrounded by 4.

5 million objects But no painting So I decided to draw what is most difficult for me And I found this series of heads Adult men, and decided to draw For boys, this year I decided to draw all that is really scary Not that old men are frightening But I decided to draw what is hard to draw for me And that is all men Hate.

I do not hate old men But I hate to draw things that are outside my comfort zone And what it is outside my comfort zone Most people Drawing ever more people, so I need to start drawing elderly people I'm very bad drawing objects like bicycles.

And transport in general, I suck at it And I am, something like bad, drawing men in general Like human beings.

male humans I'm very good at drawing women But man, oh, no men So I decided to force my limits And I decided to draw these men And when he was in front of this gigantic sculpture of David * HELLO DAVID * Which it is not the original, by the way But it is similar to the original I realized that it was more interesting for me to draw people who were in front of David And not the David itself So if you are feeling overcome And you do not know what to draw Or you're not feeling any kind of interest in what you are viewing in a museum, for example Or in a park or in a cafe You can draw on the people who are there Here are a problem as well I forgot my.

I do not know if you guys know this but do not know.

I do not have it here, wait, wait a minute Wait a minute.

* OH, HELLO ass * Oh, yeah, baby So I do not know if you guys know this Oh my goodness But I'm a big fan of.

Look at these babies are so small They are so damn small These are the.


Pencils Prismacolor Col-Erase Of which I am madly in love Use the carmine and vermilion And I forgot these babies Here in Hastings So I decided to buy a * NOT SO GOOD red pencil to sketch out * And it was the worst idea ever because I could not erase this red pencil So I decided to use ordinary graphite pencils And the problem is, guys, when using graphite pencil with Copic markers The Copic markers tend to break down much with pencil graphite So I decided that the best way to paint over graphite pencil in case you do not have these Because they are hard to get Or at least they were when I got You can slightly erase the pencil and then paint with Copic marker And after inking your favorite pen or pen This time I decided, again, out of my comfort zone And I decided to ink my illustration with this baby Which it is an ink for califrafía of Windsor and Newton I decided to try this for a while actually I bought this a couple of months And for a while I wanted to try this because I like the illustrations are with.

Not only in red ink but also in blue ink So this time I decided to try this So if you want to give it a try, it was a very good experience And that's all, guys Before you leave, I would like to say sorry Because in the last video (I know this is upside down) In the last video I said, guys I was very happy because I had this in my shop Etsy And I still had thirty copies And they sold out very quickly So I'm sorry if you saw that video and they were like "What the f *** Fran Where is the Fanzine?" So now the Fanzine is back in my Etsy shop In case you want to buy In addition, a couple of little gifts Consegi In case you want to buy something, I'll add that postcard of thanks for your purchase Thank you very much to all who have bought something in my Etsy shop I appreciate it Who they want to support my work and feed my cats Because they need food And that's it I hope you enjoyed this video If you want to get out but it's too cold you can always go to a museum Or a coffee Or a gallery So do not stop drawing and keep up the good work And that's it, guys I hope you are having a fantastic day * THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT PATRONS * And a beautiful week, and I see them very soon Good bye guys Thank God.

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