Learn from people like Charles Arcodia when you study tourism at Griffith

We offer a program that is very internationally focused.

It's as good as you get.

You'll be studying at the largest tourism school in Australia.

So we're well placed to offer a whole variety of classroom and outside of classroom experiences to make sure that our graduates can work in the tourism industry – in various sort of professions in the industry – successfully and we're very well engaged with the industry to make sure that our students are offered employment, that they're offered workplace learning opportunities.

We're friends with all the hotel chains as you would expect.

When international students come, when they invest strongly in education, the family value it, and so we'd like to make sure they go home with a good experience and that they become our ambassadors.

They will tell people -"if you want to study in Australia you need to come and study at Griffith.

" I'm Charles Arcodia, I'm an associate professor and deputy head of department of Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management at Griffith University.

Source: Youtube