Korea steps up efforts to revive winter tourism industry

Due to the relatively mild temperatures we′vebeen having lately, Korea′s winter tourism industry is experiencing a bit of a chill.

But the government and other organizations are working to fire things back up.

Park Se-young reports.

Like many people from colder climates, agood number of Koreans also want to go somewhere warm over the winter break.

But their Southeast Asian neighbors probably have a different idea of winter fun.

″It′s hot all year round in Singapore, but here you get to experience different weathersand different climates, so I really like it.

I tried snowboarding and skiing and it′sreally fun.

″ For many people from warmer neighboring countries,winter in Korea has been an attraction.

But with temperatures rising around the globe,including Korea, the country′s winter tourism industry is experiencing a freezethat could be difficult to crack.

The warming trend has put a damper on theenthusiasm for winter festivals,.

and the number of visitors to ski resorts slidby over 20-percent last season compared to five seasons ago.

The number of foreign tourists visiting in winter has declined as well.

To try and reverse the trend, the Korean government and private organizations are steppingup efforts to revive the nation′s winter tourism industry.

They′re offering discounts for ski vacations, with the hope they can keep the snow on theground, entertainment packages and a variety of other activities.

″Many visitors to Korea tend to like K-pop, so we′ve prepared various events for themthis year.

″ Experts say the winter tourism campaign islikely to continue in the coming years, as it will be difficult for the tourism industryto regain its momentum if temperatures continue to rise.

Park Se-young, Arirang News.

Source: Youtube