Just a Minute: Dr. Zachary Cole

(bright music) – Here we are in thebirthplace of hospitality and tourism in the state of Florida.

I think we're at aninstitution where it's really written into the fabric of the place.

We have such a solidlegacy from Henry Flagler and the Ponce Hotel.

On top of that, all wehave to do is go a block or two away and we havejust a great variety of solid resources around here.


Augustine is now welcoming over six million guests annually.

And so, we've really triedto orient the curriculum and all the courses aroundexperiential learning and making those community connections, to both the St.

Augustine community and the greater NortheastFlorida community and then just the tourism and hospitality community at large.

We're really excited as a new program to see where our graduatescan go and what kind of impact they can have on the industry.

Source: Youtube