Jacqueline: Bachelor of Tourism Management Student

I'm Jacqueline, I'm currently studying aBachelor of Tourism Management at Western Sydney University.

I’m finding the Tourism Management degreereally interesting.

I find the course is really interesting and the units.

Everything I'vedone so far I can see how it all relates and connects together.

Part of the School of Social Sciencesand Psychology I had the opportunity to go to Indonesia for three weeks with the Asia Bound Projectand it was to study Islam in Indonesia and the local culture in Indonesia.

After having participatedin the Asia Bound project I feel that it will give me an edge of other graduateswhen I leave Uni.

It gave me a first-hand experience with locals inIndonesian and helped me understand the culture better and I think that'll help inthe future especially within the Tourism Industry.

Next semester I’ll be going on exchangedoing a semester overseas.

Gives me a chance to do more travel and meet morestudents overseas, build more of a network.

For anyone interested in doing Tourism Management as adegree at Western Sydney University I say go for it.

Take advantage of all the stuff that at theUni, the extra services they offer and have fun with it.

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