Hopineo meets Randy Durband, CEO at Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)

has a better tourism with the GSTC in French: International Council for Sustainable Tourism – A better world is a world where we clean air, lots of fresh water, food, many social justice.

And these are ambitious targets, but this should work together because we are 7 billion people on the planet now and this will increase to 9 or 11 billion.

So we need to act quickly, because we already have significant problems.

We must act quickly and dramatically to "fix" the world.

– The GSTC is the International Council for Sustainable Tourism, we are contributing to sustainable tourism by creating a framework with our GSTC criteria which we consider basic standards for sustainability.

Standards are necessary for everything you do, to attest to the quality of any type of service or product, in all sectors.

If the travel and tourism sector wants to become "sustainable" so it is important that he has also its roadmap, a common language.

That's exactly what criteria GSTC offer: a single source of international standards recognized by the United Nations and experts on sustainable tourism worldwide.

This gives us a common language, a common framework, so that when you talk about "sustainability" everyone looks at the 41 criteria, and to say "yes that's it means to be sustainable.

" I love, I appreciate the enthusiasm and energy you put into this initiative.

Sharing ideas is a good thing.

There is already a certain amount of shares, but it is in full of different places, So if you focus the ideas you have in a place where people can have access, It is a very good thing.

And the idea of ​​people sharing, exchange, while traveling is a great idea.

I guess it's like the "Voluntourism" and there is already a bit of that, and generally it is a very good thing, sometimes it does not work very well without the necessary planning.

So if you plan well, if expectations are well defined on both sides, we have seen tremendous success around the world with this, so I think it's a very nice idea, and I wish you lots of good things.

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