Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting, Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art

[MUSIC] Good morning everyone,welcome to a very exciting day.

[MUSIC] Eyoooh.

>> Eyoooh.

>> [APPLAUSE]>> I am proud to introduce you to philanthropists and visionaries who are dedicated to the dreamof universal access to the arts.

Jan and Maria, I am so proud to be workingwith you on this project, thank you.

>> [APPLAUSE]>> With Art Wide Open as our purpose, ribbon cutters, are you ready? Open it up, everybody.

[MUSIC] >> It is very hard not to cry right now.

I am so proud, so proud of our team, sothrilled that the community has been so excited for something they've worked for,for so long.

So proud of Jan and Maria,giving this great gift to the university.

>> We are very,very super happy because the people and the students, and the artists are happy.

>> We've been to a lot of museums andthis, the space here for the gallery, it's really beautiful.

The exterior is glorious.

[MUSIC] >> There is a tremendoustradition of remarkable art.

A whole movement that began60 years ago at UC Davis.

And now really for the first time, we'reable to give it the home it deserves.

It is a jewel.

[MUSIC] >> Hey,remember when we saw Wayne Thiebaud? I see one of his pieces over there.

>> This museum has turned out to bea spectacular gift to California, to UC Davis, and to the surrounding area.

And I know there will bevisitors from the entire world.


Source: Youtube