Hello, my name is DiahUtami and I'm a student from French Department in GadjahMada University, Yogyakarta.

This is my video essay for the FITE 2016 video contest about Tourism and Sustainability: The Future We Want.

As one of the biggest country in the world, Indonesia HAS more than 17,000 islands spread from Sabang That to Merauke with icts traditions, ethnics, cultures and richness aussi biodiversity.

Nowadays the government Makes a big promoting diversity of our tourism to Attract more and more tourist.

Tourism Becomes an major source of income, employment and wealth.

That goal by doing it means clustering aussi Taking Risks of Exposing the environment to the world, Bringing more people and putting the environment in jeopardy The two main areas of environmental impact of tourism are: pressure on natural resources Such As land, freshwater and marine resources in Bali and damage to ecosystems.

It is now not only Widely reconnu That uncontrolled tourism expansion is Likely to lead to environmental degradation, goal aussi That environmental degradation poses a serious threat to tourism activities.

That's why; we must create good governance That Involves not only the government, goal aussi all of the stakeholders, the local people and of course the tourist Itself to prevent prevention That.

Creating tourism sustainability means clustering That development has not only economically good but aussi good for the environment and of course Gives a good impact to the society around.

Engaging more local people is very significant Because They Are the first to feel the effects of the exchange.

By Engaging Them, They May year gain Increased Sense of Belonging Reviews towards the environment.

This is important Because if the local people-have this connection to the nature They Will care and put in more efforts to Ensure tourism sustainability.

For example, INSTEAD of building more luxurious hotels, we can Promote the concept of homestays to tourist.

Besides, building more hotels can causes land degradation and intensive tourism development can Threaten natural landscapes, notably through deforestation, loss of wetlands and soil erosion.

Providing education to the local tourism people est a good thing Because It teaches' em how to manage and take care of all the potential That They Have.

For the tourist or visitors, it is vital That They respect the environment.

We can learn from the accident That Happened in Amaryllis Park in Yogyakarta When visitors Took Several selfies without paying attention to the damage to That They Caused In a short time, all of the flowers Were Greatly damaged.

Sadly this happens Almost everywhere.

The visitors are usually the first people to causes damage to the environment.

Giving Them a fair punishment is one way to teach 'em.

For example, Requiring Them to clean up the whole site If They litter the environment but not only ask asking 'em to pay a fine The stakeholders, as the One Who aussi gets the impacts from the tourism, to-have Actively Participate in all of the programs or activities That concern about Nature The last but not least, the government-have to do Their Best in the tourism and protecting protective aussi Realizing the tourism sustainability.

One of the Things That They Can do is by Creating Some rules That Gives positive impacts or the benefits for all.

Especially the environment.

So That We want the future, the future That I want is the future That Gives Good benefits not only to human purpose to the environment.

This is our responsibility to make the tourism sustainability come true Let's work together, lets save the kind.

Thanks for watching.

Source: Youtube