Educational Tourism – Sydney, Australia

in the year ending November 2015, 464thousand visitors came to Australia from overseas with the primary purpose ofeducation.

This is an eighteen percent growth from previous year and educationvisitors are now considered to be one of the fastest-growing segments of tourismin Australia.

Around 200,000 of these students were enrolled into higher education.

The majority of international students to Australia came from China followed byMalaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Together with the USA, the UK, France and Germany, Australia is one of the most popular destinations for education.

It isinteresting to consider international students as tourist visitors, becausethey do not fit into a traditional definition of a tourist.

A tourist is aperson who travels away from the place of normal residence for less than a year,and many international students stay in their destination for more than a year.

However many international students also want to travel around the country wherethey study.

I was once a student based in Melbourne and while studying I traveledto all states and territories of Australia except for Western Australia.

International education is an interesting phenomenon that can beapproached from different angles, one of which is to consider internationalstudents as a separate tourism market segment.

Source: Youtube