DIY Layover (4K) – 24 hour in Singapore: Marina Bay, Merlion, Haji Lane, Parliament House

I am laying over in sunshine island nation of Singapore to visit its famous Marina Bay, Silver Garden, Fort Canning, the Little India, Chinatown and some off the beaten path attractions all free and all under 24 hours with as little money as possible You are welcome to join me here in Layover in Singapore! The best way to get around the island is by the Mass Rapid Transit or MRT.

You can get a Tourist Pass right in the Changi Airport entitle you to unlimited one day, two days or three day ride on the metro, light rail and the buses Our first stop is Little India by taking a MRT East West Line towards Tanah Merah direction and get off at the Bugis Station then transfer on to downtown line to get off at Little India Station Just a few minutes away is the Little India Arcade So this is actually the Little India Arcade it's like a market you can actually get lot of stuff here you can get food, clothing to souvenirs I guess I should start buying my own souvenirs let's check it out.

it’s a market famous for its cheap electronic gadgets the place gives you exposure to South Indian culture So, the rule is same when you come to market like this.

to bargain! don't be afraid to bargain really hard that's how you get the best deals Just a 15 minutes walk near the Arab Street is a the off the beaten path Haji Lane filled with street arts, trendy bars, quirky shops, local eateries and shisha bars This is one of the few remaining part of the Singapore untouched by the extensive modernization over the second half of the 20th century Much of the world has little idea of what Singapore looked like before skyscrapers took over the city-state So, this is where you can find lots of street arts and murals Something you don't expect here in Singapore In the same area, few street away is the Masjid Sultan Mosque another Singapore’s prominent landmark it has capacity to accommodate 5,000 worshipers and has very interesting lease terms So, this is actually one of the beautiful mosque here in Singapore it's interesting because this is a extension of a old mosque on this site built in 1823 and this is also on a 999 year lease So, it'll be interesting to see what happen after the lease is over I am sure we won't be here Next we’ll hop on the MRT and get off at City Hall station to check out the politics of this island nation by paying a visit to its Parliament of Singapore It’s open during the regular hours to the public but no admission will be granted to anyone wearing shorts, slippers/ sandals or inappropriate clothing with slogans or symbols If the politics is not your cup of tea don’t worry… there is nature located right nearby.

The Fort Canning Park is just few street away in the central business district and is over more than 60 metres high and you can get breathtaking view of city from one end while surrounded by greens In olden times the native Malays nickname it Forbidden Hill This is due to the belief that ill will be fall upon anyone who entered the hill as it is the place where the five kings of Ancient Singapore were laid to rest After walking across the street is the location of a historical riverside quay, within the Singapore River Planning Area The quay is situated upstream from the mouth of the Singapore River and Boat Quay.

Now, this is actually the Clarke Quay Now if you are get of in doors come out and have a fresh breath of air if it get little too hot, don't you worry the air condition is just few steps away inside the mall that is.

This is where you can experience the a scenic boat ride but I am going to hop on to the Clarke Quay MRT to our next stop, the Chinatown This is where you can pick up some inexpensive, tasty Chinese food to fuel up for your next destination.

for me, I pickup some Chinese bun I can't wait to try it After fuelling up, it’s time visit the financial center of Singapore the Raffles Quay The home to international banks such as RBS, Barclays, and Deutsche Bank, as well as Thomson Reuters and Ernst & Young But we’ll be heading toward Clifford Pier the location of Merlion Now, behind me is the a very famous landmark of Singapore The Merlion with water coming out from his mouth Well, I wish I can tell you more about it But, tonight I guess we don't have that luck because its under renovation This is the most well known marketing icon of Singapore depicted as a mythical creature with a lion's head and a body of a fish Now, what you seeing behind me is one of the most luxuries hotel here in Asia with a really nice roof top pool! but given the fact we are on budget we also have limited amount of time we aren't able to enjoy that this time around But let’s for a nice walk along bridge on the Esplanade Drive to visit the Theater by the Bay the underground walkway also contains various art exhibits Only ten minutes walk is another important landmark the Singapore Flyer, the most famous giant Ferris wheel in the world opened in 2008, construction having taken about 2½ years and consist of 28 air-conditioned capsules From its terminal building, you’ll able to see right across the bay and get glimpse of Tree of Life.

Next we’ll walk across the Bayfront Avenue to Marina Bay Sands for the free speculator Wonder Full Light Show So, the speculator show you just saw happens every single night here and there is no reason for you to miss it after all it is FREE Singapore is very hot and humid but don’t worry! I am the kind of person who can't stand the heat for too, too hard so every half hour I always go into somewhere with air conditioning to just cool off and head back out this is exactly what happen after the night show by coming in here at the Marina Bay There is a shopping center here and I am about to leave here to enjoy rest of the night If you can't stand the heat cool out before you get burnt out great advice by the way But I am a outdoor person, so right behind the mall is the Silver Garden, home to Singapore’s famous Tree of Life So, this another place where you have no excuse not to check out its actually FREE it's call Silver Gardens It's located right behind Marina Bay It's about two to four minutes walking distance and yes that is the luxury hotel that I mention before if you can't be inside, you can at least look it from here and you get to look at the beautiful Sky Tree I think that is what's called After getting a little experience Singapore its time to return back to the Changi Airport the same way, after all the fare is included in the Tourist Pass.

I recommend you get two day pass even if you are staying under 24 hours as each day expired at midnight.

If you happen to arrived early at the airport and got time kill don’t worry… Changi Airport has being voted for the best airport in the world since 2013.

You’ll enjoy free high speed internet, indoor gardens and shops.

The best of all, if you aren’t lucky enough to have 24 hours here.

The Airport offers Free Singapore Heritage Tour if you have at least 5.

5 hours or at least 6 hours for City Sights Tour to spare between your connecting flight With that being said… I’ll wish you all have magnificent time in Singapore and have a pleasant flight!.

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