Dental Tourism – Quality and Affordable Dental Work in Los Algodones, Mexico

Mexico Border Dentist! Los Algodones – Mexico's Molar City.

Los Algodones is quant Mexican town located on the northeastern tip of Mexico'smunicipalities in Baja California, 16 kilometers west of Yuma, Arizona, USA.

Most people call it as the Molar City or Algodones, but its official name is Vicente Guerrero.


Los Algodones has has a warm dry climate itswarmest month is July with the temperature up 31.

7 degrees Celsius (89,0degrees Fahrenheit).

Moreover the coolest month is January with atemperature that averages 11.

7 degrees Celsius (53.

0 degrees Fahrenheit).

GPS coordinates – Maps: Los Algodones geographical location is32 degrees 42 55.

North 114 degrees 43 44 west.

Why should I choose Los Algodones for mydental care? Los Algodones has the most number of dental clinics in all citiesin Mexico and has over 300 dental clinics in 900 dentists and growing.

Moreover, dental care costs can save youup to 70 – 75 %.

During peak season (December- March) in Los Algodones medical tourists are virtually outnumbering Mexicans.

Because of its booming medical dentaltourism, the US Dollar is made the currency of choice and English is universally spoken.

Within a five-minute stroll of Los Algodones you can see here four blocker and clinics of physicians, opticians and of course, dentists.

10 reasons to visit Los Algodones fordental care 1.

Up to 70% savings.


Prices are transparent with no hiddencharges.


Extensive dental specializations and years of experience.


Most clinics have on-site laboratoriesso you can easily get your crowds bridges and dentures.


Dental clinics use the latest technologyhad seen em killing the design and computer Aided Manufacturng in Dental Labaratory.


Onsite dental diagnostics.

Panoramicx-rays and laser technology 7.

Most clinics offer two years fill warranty on dentalwork.


Most clinics have a clinic – hotel packageand free shuttle service.


All payment forms are accepted – Cash, personal and traveler's checks.


Dental clinics offer free wi-fi accessand phone calls to Canada and the US.

Travelling in Los Algodones.

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