Da Nang Tour of The Beach and Beautiful Ba Na Hills!

Hey look, female versions of us.

Except, you are darker than her.

Oh look, a familiar face.

and an even more familiar back.

if you're not familiar with usthen you're missing out.

On what? I don't know.

As you can see, there's a lotairplane travel footage this time around and no, it's not because I'm truly fascinated by just how amazing flight is.

I mean this invention proves just howbrilliant humans are.

We've conquered the earthI want you to take a moment to appreciate that.

While you forget the fact thatI'm just stalling here because I'm lacking real footage.

Smoke and mirrors baby.

That's SoJournaling Vietnam.

Welcome to Da Nang,the economic center of Central Vietnam.

Almost a million residents reside herebetween the Annimite Mountain Range the Han River, and out of the bigthree, this is my absolute favorite modern city Straight away without any hesitation we headed for My Khe Beach where we spent the better half of the day just lounging around, sipping oncoconuts, shelling peanuts, cracking quail eggs, ya know andlistening to soft music played on public speakers Mingling with locals decked out in their bathing suits, which comprised of jeans and a shirt.

Oh yeah, this is Vietnam.

This is life.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm a kitecompletely dependant on where the wind might blow.

Sometimes just flutteringhigh, but flying nowhere.

I sincerely enjoyed being here, buton this particular day, on this very same spot, I couldn'tescape from footprints left in the sand three anda half years ago.

We can't turn back time,and We can't take back mistakes and with the sand in betweenmy toes, I tried my best to look on the brighter side.

At least I had Norwegian company.

Oh no! I'm doomed! hos before bros So I sat there straining myselfalmost to a bowel movement trying to catch a glimpse of what it feltlike being near her: A care free kite soaring in the sunsetsoon to take a shi That's what it felt like.

And night gently arrived.

Elgulphing all my darkness away.

while Kim was doing his bestIp Man impersonations.

Then something crazy happened.

And that's why youshouldn't do LSD.

This is the Da Nang Airport,I'm sorry, the international airport Conviently located within the city limits,and like My Khe Beach, I've got some serious left over baggage here.

Hey, what's so funny? huh? You've neverseen a 21 year old crying at an airport before? Huh? Uh oh, you know who is coming right?The legend himself.

The king of kimchi.

He puts the Troi in Troi Oi.

That's rightStop the presses.

The Kims are United.

Heading back and passing on thisbridge brought back memories of troubled water of the night after when I foundmyself alone in this city.

At least show some facial sympathy!Im hurting here!! You too! I don't give if it's pastyour bed time.

Give me pity!! That night, Our first meal togetherwas next to the waves.

We feasted over an assortment of scrumptious shell fishin the middle of the night.

This time, I didn't takehome a doggybag, like the one that I left at our last dinner together.

Yeah, just eat your breakfastlike you're some Korean movie character completely apathetic towards myheart on life support.

Inspired by billboards all over Saigonof the beauty of Ba Na Hills, I convinced my friends to go to Da Nang.

But we allknow I dragged them along on a trip of trying to recapture lost flames.

Ha Ha But either way, I love castles.

Dont hate me too much guys.

Ahh, the curious mind of a young child.

I wonder what goes on in there? "how fast will we die if the ropes snap?"I wish I was young and so innocent again.

Hehehe, I should trip on someacid again.

that way i'll get more screen time in these videos.

Banh mi voi Kim chiBanh mi voi kim chi Think thinkHow does being in a cable car remind me of three years ago? So the Ba Na Hills Cable car systemis supposedly the longest and highest in the world.

And you defintely need some big balls to ride it.

Trust me, when the wind blows,your dirrehea will flow.

But let's not ruin this perfectlyscenic moment by talking about anything but me and why I came back to Da Nang.

Damn it, feel sorry for me already! A castle in the sky.

So on top of Ba Na Hills, you have this resort featuring some European-esquearchitecture.

Inside you have a Chuckie Cheese-esque arcade that'sactually not too shabby, considering the fact that you're a mile above sea leveland you're in Vietnam.

I wasn't too impressed though, remember, i amfrom Disneyland but at the end of the dayit's entirely up to you if you want to come here.

unfortunately, mycamcorder broke at this very moment.

Goodbye Da Nang,Thanks for the moments.

Thanks for the memories.

Without you I'd wouldn't be in Vietnam at all We'll probably never see each other again, but that's okay.

You'll always have a place in my heart.

If I had one.

And then I woke up in Saigon and realizedthat it was all a dream.

Everything you've seen so far has been CGI.

Nothing happened in three and a half years ago.

In fact, I've yet to have my heart broken.

But one thing's for sure.

I always get the last laugh.

Mountain mountain mountain.

Look at this.

Mountain mountain moutain.

Source: Youtube