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[Jenn Ferguson] I'm so excited to be hearingabout this new exhibit that's going to be at the Pump House Steam Museum.

Gordon Robinsonis here with us.

What exactly is this Believe it or Not?[Gordon Robinson] It's an exhibit that is part of the 150th celebrations in Kingstonand it's an exhibit down here at the Pump House Steam Museum that talks about the untoldstories of Kingston.

What is Kingston today? And it's kind of the unofficial tour and sowe're looking at all of these different stories throughout 150 years right up to today to2017 going back and to do that we are going to invite people to submit a variety of differentobjects.

[Jenn Ferguson] And in order to tell thesestories you need some objects that have some unusual backgrounds and in fact we have onehere and I'm not really sure what this is.

It is some sort of box with a handle on it.

[Gordon Robinson] And that's what we're going for, we're not looking for objects that yourecognize instantly.

We're looking for the unusual objects.

You know, the bizarre, thestrange.

And an object you look at and you don't know quite what it is.

And this oneis an interesting one.

It's an example of a piece we may use in the show.

So it lookskind of like a box like it has been burned and this this is melted up a bit.

It actuallywas the original what was called a fare box from what was called the Old Kingston ElectricStreet Car that used to run in town right up to 1930.

It ran from 1895 up to 1930.

Andthis was actually caught on fire and what many people don't know is that the reasonwe don't have street cars today running up and down Princess Street or Brock Street isit burned to the ground.

This fare box was inside one of the street cars that burneddown.

It was reclaimed at some point, it was held by Kingston Transit and they couldn'tafford to rebuild.

They had lost their whole fleet of street cars and so we went to busesand that's what we don't have street cars.

[Jenn Ferguson] What an interesting story!These are the kinds of stories that you're looking for this exhibit, right? I feel alittle bit inspired to go rummaging through my grandparents houses to see if they haveanything.

[Gordon Robinson] That's exactly what I wantyou to do.

I want you to get into the attic – safely of course – and look through allof these different object.

It could be 150 years ago or it could be a month ago.

Justan object that tells a story and has to be connected with Kingston in some way.

But alsolooks really interesting and really unusual.

And the stories we're looking for are startingto generate and they could be stories that raise an eyebrow, or are a little bit shocking,really sad, really funny, really humourous, really happy.

It could be an object that looksreally intriguing, puzzling, beautiful – all of those different types of things so thatwhen you come to the space "Believe it or not" these objects tell a fascinating storyand oh my gosh, this is Kingston and this went on.

And this is why it exists.

[Jenn Ferguson] So if I find something that I think may be able to contribute to KingstonBelieve It or Not, what should I do? [Gordon Robinson] What you should do rightaway is send us an email at [email protected]

Ca send a picture, you know, snap a picture withyour phone or whatever and send it in.

Give me a few lines of the story and the backgroundof this one and then what we are going to do then is going to essentially look at allthe objects, all the ideas from the community, from other museums and we're going to selectwhich ones can go in the show and which tell the best stories.

If you don't get into theshow physically, there will be a digital portal, so we may put some of these objects on thewebsite so you can go there and explore more of the stories as well.

[Jenn Ferguson] Even if you don't have something to contribute to the show, it's going to bereally fun to go and see.

So, when can we see it?[Gordon Robinson] You can see it the first Saturday of the May long weekend, which isMay 20th, right through to the end of August.

Come on out to the Pump House.

We're openTuesday to Sunday.

Come in, explore, experience, have some fun, it's going to be very interestingand active as well.

Bring your smart phone with you, there's going to be lots of stuffyou can do, you can upload to social media and you're just going to have a great time.

[Jenn Ferguson] Great! If we need more information, where should we go?[Gordon Robinson] Go to our web site at Steam Museum dot C A[Voice Over] Your City, brought to you by the City of Kingston.

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