Christmas in Wonderland – A Trip to Garden by the Bay, Singapore | Liburan ke Singapura

Hello Tonight, we're at Garden by the Bay In this place, there is.

Christmas in Wonderland.

Anyway, Yarra is having her dinner Stay tuned for more, okay Hi, tonight we're hanging out in Christmas in Wonderland Christmas in Wonderland is an annual event, held once every year By Singapore Tourism Board The event is located at Garden by the Bay The event and the ambience is very lovely Awesome, isn't? It was a lovely experience just now seeing those colourful lights We're actually waiting for a snow attraction.

But since it's not showing yet So we're just going to play around with Yarra Yarra is now playing "Rolling in a cup" For kids, there are rides like mini ferris wheel,.

rolling in a cup, and cho cho train that can take us around Also, there's show.

But the show is scheduled late night.

Yarra would probably fall asleep From all the rides.

Yarra like.

Rolling in a cup and mini ferris wheel the most Just by seeing her face, you can tell that she's happy Now, we want to right mini ferris wheel Wow, what an awesome ride.

Didn't notice that it's late Yarra is exhausted.

Now, we're going home So, for moms and friends.

If you're going to Singapore near the end of the year Don't forget to visit Christmas in.

Wonderland, at Garden by the Bay It's very nice.

Very recommended.

Hello, we're done playing and very exhausted.

It's quite late and now we want to go home.

Bye bye Now I want to share some tips for moms who are going for a vacation in Singapore Make sure that you buy a week pass ticket for MRT and bus Because it's more economical and.

You can also see Singapore city more.


The kids will definitely.

Enjoy it like Yarra did That's all for the tips and review for our vacation tonight Don't forget to subscribe, like and comment.


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