Bali Trip Giveaway – DRAW IS TOMORROW!

David here from Bali & Beyond.

So here's the deal, the trip draw is thisFriday at 4 PM, so we're gonna close the online entries at noon, but if you come in the store,we'd like some people to be here when we do the draw, so come on in and you can enterup until the last minute in the store, we're gonna do the draw live, so it's gonna be alive video on Facebook, we're gonna make a little bit of a party out of it, so this isyour last chance, I know so many people want to go to Bali, share this with all your friends,invite people to enter the draw, it's been a big success for us, then we're gonna havelots of details about the trip for the winners, but also for the 10 people who want to comewith us as a group, so think about that, if you didn't win, I'm sorry, not everyone canwin, but you will be a winner if you come with us on the trip, it's going to be liketwo weeks, no sorry, I'm going for a couple of weeks, but the trip will be one week, acouple of thousand dollars will cover your accommodation, food and tours and the BaliSpirit Festival, all that kind of stuff, so enter, and be on our LIVE feed on Friday,I'm excited about it, it's gonna be really, really cool, or come in for the draw, that'llbe even cooler, so love you guys, and time is now to share this with your friends, Oh,and one other thing, we love it when you endorse us, give us 5-star reviews on Google or Facebook,we love those, just ask and it helps, cheers, bye.

Source: Youtube