Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism – 2016 Parkansas Park Vacation Sweepstakes

"Hey, Casper.

What are you doing?" "It's Herman, and I was looking for a place to go fishing.

" "Sounds fun.

I'm Maxwell the Mockingbird.

" "Uh, yeah.

I know.

And I'm – " "Wait, wait – let me guess again.

I bet you're one of those birds that just likesadventure.

You know, just exploring the" "great outdoors and looking majestic, like an eagle.

Let me hear your eagle!" "Uh.


Chirp? Chirp? Chirp?" "Oh.

That was it? Well, you may not look or sound too majestic, but" "you can still have an awesome adventure from mountain biking to rock climbing in" "Arkansas's parks! You should check out the Buffalo National River! You can go fishing, canoeing," "kayaking and camp alongside thebeautiful Buffalo National River!" "kinds of fun stuff.

Here, you can even borrow my canoe!" "Thanks, but uh – I can't fit into this.

" "Let's add that to the long list of things that Conor can't do, shall we?" *Bird call* "That's what an eagle sounds like.

" "My name is, HERMAN!" Take it from me, there are national parksand forests, some of the country's best state parks, and amazing city parks galore in Arkansas for birds of all feathers.

" "To find the best park for you, check out" "To take your park personality quiz and enter to win an awesome vacation package.

" "It's so easy that even Chris here can do it!" "IT'S HERMAN!!!!" "Right.


That's what I said.


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