100 Men Hall Gulf Coast Heritage Tourism

(gentle music) (upbeat pop music) – We did not know anythingabout the history of the place, which is just theultimate irony.

Once he finallygot over here and started pulling all thejunk out and mowing the lawn, a lotta the local blackswould just meander over and pop their head in tosee what was going on.

So then, he'd comehome and he'd go, "Guess who used toplay at the hall?" I'm like, "Who?" He goes, "Fats Domino hada regular night here.

" And I'm like, "What?!" And then he goes, "Yeah, andGuitar Slim and Big Joe Turner, "and Etta James andIke and Tina Turner.

" And I'm like, "My God,this is the best story "I've ever heard!" We're in this itty-bittylittle town in the Deep South and we own this building that had the mostfamous black performers of the day play at it.

We really wanted it to be thebeginning of the new chapter of the hall story,and it has been.

So, we've been doinglive music shows, primarily sticking towardthe jump blues genre, which, because of theproximity of Bay St.

Louis to New Orleans, that was thesound that was played here.

It was whateverthe popular music of the day wasin New Orleans.

So, this hallreally did see that.

First it was jazz that wasplayed here or dixieland even, and then it went intosort of the jump blues, and then it went into R&B,and then it went into soul, and then PercySledge played here.

So it kind of evolvedas the music evolved.

But lately, we'vebeen having a lot of wedding receptionsand rehearsal dinners.

I think, with therise of Pinterest, we are the perfectPinterest wedding.

I mean, if you'vealways dreamed of getting marriedin a blues hall, where else are yougonna do it? (upbeat piano music).

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