Welcome to Prague! Prague has hundreds of thousands of places to visit but also it has some tourist traps.

Today we'll show you the 10 worst tourist traps here in Prague.

Karlova Street, which is the street that connects the Old Town Square with the Charles Bridge and the Castle or, as I like to call it, the mecca of crap and tourist traps.

Now I'll show a hint here, a hundred meters, come with me! What can we buy in Karlova Street? Why not buy an Italian stock exchange? It is very Czech, I guess.

Or we can buy souvenirs, but not Czechs.

Russians are or are football players.

Or here's something really Czech: do yourself a Thai massage, shall we? Certainly there are also exceptions on Karlova, as this place here.

It's called Kafe Damu.

Visit it and try their beer by 70 cents or whatever.

Recommended! Welcome to traditional Czech restaurant! As a starter I would suggest Norwegian salmon or crab cocktail.

The segway The tours cost up to 100 euros per person.

Do not do it, ok? If you want to make a tour nearby please do so outside the center of Prague! We do not love the Segways in the center and in the Old Town Square.

They annoy people and that's it, okay? If you take a dictionary and look up "tourist trap", you will find this place.

It is the exact definition of tourist trap.

If you exchange money here, you will receive half of what it would be for you.

Do not go here under any circumstances! Another huge tourist trap these kiosks are here right in the Old Town Square.

Advertised prices are per 100 grams of food but not ashamed to give you about a kilo of Prague ham making you pay more than 50 Euros for that one portion.

It's crazy, it's ridiculous! For 50 euros you can go to a wonderful romantic dinner with your girlfriend or your boyfriend in any part of the city in luxury restaurants.

Please, stay away from these places.

I beg you.

Even in the Old Town Square, which is full of traps and scams to tourists.

One of these is right behind me: it is that the car "historical" and buses that take you on a tour of Prague.

You do not need to use any of this, just walk.

And stay away from the historic cars.

I'm not even historical.

New cars are modified to make them look old.


Some of street artists in Prague are not at all original They are annoying and have shit to watch.

Fortunately there are other street artists in Prague who are very good and they do their job, so they fed though! Oh well.

Not necessarily a tourist trap but surely bullshit for tourists It is something called Trdlo which means "stupid person.

" Yeah, you'd be stupid to buy it.

It is not Czech, is not original, it is not Bohemian.

I do not know what it is, but it appeared together with crowds of tourists arrived in Prague.

I do not know.

Definitely not worth 60 crowns.

And do not take for any reason a taxi in the center of Prague especially if it is stopped in the pedestrian zone in the city center spennerà you and take your money! Stay away! If you do not trust, look at my other program "Prague vs.

Crooks" and you will see me coming beaten by these guys.

It is funny.

You have to buy souvenirs? Try to avoid the matrioska, or Soviet or communist symbols, ok? We do not like, why you should riportarveli home as a souvenir? They are crap! Instead of buying a stupid matrioska or a hideous Soviet busby you should go to the library of the University Carolina: It is right on the main street.

They have books and other things at a good price! The Thai massages are scattered all over Prague, like an infectious disease.

Instead of thinking just to come in for a Thai massage, you do one thing: look up! Look at the building where it is! It's beautiful! And here we are, folks, these are the 10 tourist traps that you should avoid in Prague.

So please, Pozor means "caution" or "danger.

" Thanks for joining us! Subscribe to the channel, check out our Facebook page, Prague Guide and see you next week! There are three lines of the Prague metro: the green line, A; the yellow line, B; the red line, C.

Just stand right, walk to the left.

Sometimes I wonder why this is illegal and what is legal.

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